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Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by ScorpioJ, Nov 11, 2005.

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    Not sure where to put this thread but as it is originates from the Philippines, i'm guessing here...

    Yaw Yan, sounds amazing!

    According to the website, it has these breathtaking kicks that cannot be bettered by any other martial art and certain techniques that can devistate an opponent. Now, as we here alot on MAP, i am not starting a vs thread :rolleyes: but can anyone shed a little light on this amazing YAW YAN discipline?

    Can it be studied in England?
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  3. ScorpioJ

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  4. burungkol

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    Hi scorpio J,

    sorry, there are no yaw-yan school in england as of this time... but you could refer to the links in my signature for some pictures and current events about the art.

    here are some more additional MAP thread links that might help:

    thank you for your interest!! :)

    bon bautista
    Team Yaw-Yan Pasay
    Elite Striking Championships
    December 10, 2005
    Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, Manila, Philippines
  5. republiksyawyan

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    To read about it and experience it are two totally different things but to shed some light ,yes the mountain storm, the scorpian kick,and the yawyan back kick are very capable of inflicting alot of damage.

    Not to over complicate things and say yaw-yan is better then mauy thai because they are both so similare but yaw-yan does indeed have an aray of orthodox and unorthodox moves catered to out striking a striker.

    In the end it's all really about the fighter and how well he/she can excecute these techniques in a fighting scenario.

    But I can say I have tko'd a mauy thai striker using the frontal version of the scorpian kick. Ouch it looked like it really hurt.

    In the end if you implement three aspects of our training style into your own regime then anything you do willl become great. So heare are the three secrets of powerful yaw-yan kicks.

    #1.... Distance,, always learn what works best at what distance.

    #2.... Timing, being fast and accurate is extreamly important.

    #3.... Power, after honing the technique you train for the power while keeping the distance speed and timing all under wraps.

    #4... I cannot call these Yaw-yan secrets because to be quite fair any notable martial art looks at these neccesaties ,but how often is the key.

    Anyways I hope I shed some light, good luck and if your really interested maybe I could work something out and have our school send you our video documented classes.

    Yes thats right we video tape our training, that way we can laugh at how sloppy we once did our kicks.sigh. :p
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  6. Viking

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    Scorpion Kicks

    Hi republiksyawyan,
    Could you please explain how is the execution of Frontal Scorpion Kick.Scorpion kicks are categorized as back kicks in Yaw-Yan (websites).Is it a variation of this kick.
    Thank You
  7. republiksyawyan

    republiksyawyan New Member

    Well, I will try and explain as best as I can. Frontal scorpian kick, starts off like a jab or reverse punch which tilts to the side of your opponent thus forcing your opponent to temporarily side step you.While the punch is thrown the body reacts like a teeter totter tilting the upper body towards the ground and raising one of the legs from behind .Basically this enables the striker to try and sting his own back with his/her heel, by doing this the opponent doesnt see the kick coming until its too late and heel has already made contact with the face.

    The second scorpian kick ,,,,,, well I think thats enough for today,,,,,,,,, I cant keep going on and spilling all the yawyan striking secrets ,who knows what they might do to me.(scared)

    Alot of these kicks must be seen or felt to truly be understood and respected. I am having alot of success with both versions of the mountain storm when it comes to sparring with mauy thai strikers. Just because their so unorthodoxed strikers rarely know where my shin will end up.

    Anyways some ones at the door ,I must go, I hope I gave you a visual, Is that fried plankton I smell? Anyways Talk to you guys soon.
  8. Viking

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    Thank You republiksyawyan
    It's really interesting .Please go on with the topic.
  9. republiksyawyan

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    Still on the topic of Yaw-yan I would like to direct some attention to the bollo punches wich when mastered could ultimately be the beginning or the end of a tko combo. P.s their just cool to use because other strikers just dont know how to block them nor anticipate them. I unfotunately have been on the receiving end of master Freds Bollo punches so I know exactly how everyone else feels when I lash out with mine. Utterly overwhelmed.Another well kept secret of Yaw-yan out in the open,,, ever try a double jab with a hook only to finish off with a bollo upper/straight punch?
    This is one combo im having good succes with.Great against clinchers.
  10. burungkol

    burungkol Team Yaw-Yan

    as i've said before, yaw-yan techniques becomes more effective when used in combinations. the idea for the techniques being quite unorthodox and unpredictable gives yaw-yan the tactical edge during fighting. with it's combinations, we strike strong then we also finish strong. all hits must have bad intentions.

    i know how it feels, haha... earned lots of bleeding lips from it during training.... well, how about receiving it from someone with arms conditioned like iron clubs??? :eek:

    :cry: :cry: :cry:
  11. republiksyawyan

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    I should really stop typing now shouldnt I? (eeek/arrrrrrggg)
  12. burungkol

    burungkol Team Yaw-Yan

    ok,so for some vids on yaw-yan fights, i've just attended friday night's (nov.18) fighting challenge in the makati gym. i managed to capture my buddy's fight (in black trunks with yellow/gold trims), but unfortunately, i only captured the third and final round. the fight night was great, 10 bouts: 10 yaw-yans against other arts/clubs. 4 won via KO, 4 won via decision, 1 was a draw, and 1 lost via decision. so here's the clips, hope you guys might get an insight on how yaw-yans move... sorry i still have to cut it into two parts.

    Your Download-Link#1:

    Your Download-Link#2:
  13. wanlu99

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    You guys are doing fine here...just want to ask if you got a photo of Don's YawYan back kick at the fight night...would love to see it. For some reasons, I cant seem to acces your link above...

    Please stop comparing Yaw-Yan to MuayThai...two completely different principles...YawYan has arsenals that MuayThai does not have but MuayThai has the techniques we YawYans never learned...best if you try to learn both arts combined with Arnis and Grappling...(If you have the time, energy and money) ;)

    I wont comment na about anything else...we dont want this thread closed :Angel:

    More power to Yaw-Yan and please support our National MuayThai team at the SEA Games

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  14. burungkol

    burungkol Team Yaw-Yan

    i have several pictures for the whole fight night, courtesy of a cebuano yaw-yan brother. but there were no exactly-timed shots. i guess, i could just capture the exact scenes when i got hold of the event's video coverage. the back kicks landed well. the timing was perfect. i wish i could post it real soon.
  15. burungkol

    burungkol Team Yaw-Yan

    for d/l the files:
    clicking the links above will send you to a webpage. there's a need to scroll down at the bottom of the page and click 'free' for the "Select your download:" option. this will send you to another page and will have to wait several seconds while the "Download-Ticket reserved. Please wait xx seconds" message timer is shown at the bottom. Once the timer reaches zero, this message will be replaced by a download link. press the link and walla! :love:
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    Your learning Wanlu :D
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    after three locked threads, i hope that at least one yawyan thread stays open.
  18. Scotty Dog

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    So do I bud
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    hey burungkol, can i please have a copy of the videos of the fights? please?
  20. burungkol

    burungkol Team Yaw-Yan

    sure! i'll give you a copy once i got hold of it. :) for my vid caps, i'll email it to you right now.:)

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