Western Long Boxing: Tao of Ten Gated Changes

Discussion in 'Traditional Healing' started by ANGELSGYMSINGH, Nov 3, 2016.

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    ANGELSGYMSINGH Valued Member

    AngelGymSingh, we appreciate you saying you love this forum. However, it occurs to me that you visit exclusively to promote some product or another. Whether it's a piece of gym equipment or your latest book, MAP is not here to serve as a marketing tool. We happily invite you to be a regular contributing member to the forum, but are far less interested in being your sales force.

    Thanks very much.
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    ANGELSGYMSINGH Valued Member


    I think you got me wrong. I am an author of martial energetic science. I have many professional venues that actually market my books and services. My work has many many great reviews by professional martial art people and organizations. That is not what I posted on your site.

    I posted a portion of an idea that I have been working on for over seven years. It is something that has already been recognized by several organization in the martial arts community. I was sharing and not selling. The work I have done is serious martial energetic science worthy of discussion, questions and critique, hell even a replication test.

    I DO LOVE THE FORUM. I invite all the questions it manifests. If you do not believe the information I present is worth posting I understand. I even understand the reason you did it. But it aint because I am selling merchandise or even that I have not written anything in a while. If you researched my work and recent accomplishments (Martial Energenic Arts Radio Show & Magazine-Journal & YMCA Taiji Quan Curriculum for the Americn Tai Chi and Qigong Association) you'd know why I did not say much for a few years... I was really trying to learn some interesting tidbits.... Also provide a free resource, for people like the ones in this room, to learn some esoteric processes from respected martial energetic professionals and warriors. I have even interviewed Damo Mitchell...

    Here is an example... there are over 70 more:

    [link removed]
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  3. aaradia

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    Mod Note: If you truly love MAP, you will post your ideas here, rather than referring us to links to products and blogs etc elsewhere. So that the discussion is here, rather than directing (advertising) to go elsewhere.

    Also, disagreements with mod decisions are to be by PM, rather than dragging down a thread by arguing on the forum.

    Please refer to our Terms of Service, which can be found by clicking on the top and bottom of the link on every page in MAP. Thanks
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  4. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Moderator

    As Aaradia mentioned, the terms of service provide an approved avenue for questioning mod decisions. And what you posted to this site was a link to an hour-long video featuring your philosophical thoughts and about 40 minutes worth of you meditating on a sectional sofa. You don't post on a regular basis, and the last time you did post regularly it was to promote a piece of gym equipment you'd developed.

    Whether you garner money from it isn't the issue. It's self-promotion, plain and simple. MAP is fine with that for members who regularly participate here at the forum and have established themselves. You don't do that, quite simply.

    While you're reviewing the terms of service, please note the part on masked profanity. Misspelling profanity counts.

    Here is an example... there are over 70 more:

    [link removed]
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