What's in YOUR PWO shake?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by GhostOfYourMind, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. GhostOfYourMind

    GhostOfYourMind Bewaters lil Iron Monkey

    So what do ya'lls PWO shakes consist of, if you have any?

    Mine consists of:

    1) ON 100% gold label strawberry flavored whey protein (1 scoop, or about 24 grams of protein)
    2) Gatorade lemon lime sports drink powered mix (3/4 of a scoop, or about 45 grams of simple sugars)
    3) Mixed in a blender, or with a spoon in a big big cup, with anywhere from 12-16 oz. of water. If I want a thicker consistency, I use around 10 oz. of water instead.

    If I might add, the above PWO drink is quite fruity tasting, and doesn't taste bad at all. I should try experimenting with fruit punch gatorade... :D

    DWO (during work out) I just drink the protein powder in about 10 oz. of water and sip it throughout.

    Post yours!:D
  2. Pobeli

    Pobeli Valued Member

    This resembles a thread right below this one.

    Anyway, after my bad experience with a shake today, I'm going to go for a nearly pure fruit one next time. Once I get a recipe that tastes pretty good, I'll experiment with adding things to it... like broccoli.
  3. inteq9

    inteq9 165lb of TROUBLE!

    It varies. Today it was:

    2 scoops dymatize chocolate
    some hershey's chocolate syrup
    12 oz 1% milk

    When I have vanilla whey I like to use frozen and fresh fruit with it.
  4. Vigilance

    Vigilance Valued Member

    Whey Protein Isolate
    Dextrose/Maltodextrin mix
    Glutamine Peptides
  5. flaming

    flaming Valued Member

    Whey Isolate
  6. Dae Han

    Dae Han New Member

  7. Colucci

    Colucci My buddies call me Chris.

    After the workout, it's 2 scoops of Surge in about 24 ounces of water, stirred with a spoon for about 30 seconds. (I'm usually drinking this before I'm done catching my breath from the last set.) So, technically, that means I'm getting glucose, whey hydrolysate, maltodextrin, phenayalanine, glutamine, and BCAAs.

    During the workout, it's water, and a bunch of it. My personal best was just less than a full gallon during a 75-minute workout in my garage on a cold winter's afternoon.
  8. iamraisen

    iamraisen Valued Member

    1 banana
    1 kiwi
    1 scoop of flaxseeds with blueberry
    occaisionally some yoghurt in there too.
  9. Maverick

    Maverick New Member

    40g WPC and 20g Maltodextrin
  10. Ad McG

    Ad McG Troll-killer Supporter

    About 40g of whey and 500ish of skim milk, creatine (half dose), a couple of bananas and tons more water. I don't put a giant emphasis on it, but I always eat a big meal within the next hour or 2. I find pre-WO to be more useful - caffeine, alcar, taurine, tyrosine, creatine (half dose) all in OJ. Usually have some nice porridge or other meal couple hours before.
  11. GhostOfYourMind

    GhostOfYourMind Bewaters lil Iron Monkey

    This is about post workout though, not just a shake in general.:p I read what you put in your shake in your other thread though.... :eek:

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