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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by benkei, May 7, 2010.

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    It doesn't appear that we have one here, so I thought I might start it. Perhaps with enough replies we can get it stickied?
    Please tell us all your favourite supps and why they are good. Also tell us what supps you have tried and don't think are worth the money.
    I'll get the ball rolling..

    -Cytosport Muscle Milk. This stuff is absolute gold if you're trying to bulk up. Lots of calories, a bit of carb and a bit of fat. Not a post workout protein as it has slower digesting proteins and fat in it. Flavours are incredible, you won't find better anywhere.

    -ON Gold Standard Whey. Great WPI. Very cheap, high quality, and good flavours too. Almost comparable to WPC in terms of price.

    -Max's. I'm pretty sure this is an Aussie brand. I've used their products a couple of times before. Great tasting and good quality.

    -International Protein. Didn't like it. Tastes like chocolate mixed with puddle water.

    -Green Magnitude. For my mind this is the one and only creatine. I've tried monohydrate before, didn't do much for me. This stuff I felt the first time I took it. Improved strength, endurance and recovery. IMO make this your first supp after you buy protein if you lift.

    -Scivation Xtend. Not a huge fan. Tastes nice, but very expensive, and I'm not even sure it's really done much for me. Won't bother with it again. I've heard good things about Intrabolic, but can't comment on it myself.

    -ALRI Poison. Didn't rate this at all. Others have said they got good results, but I was unhappy with it.

    -Animal cuts. Just started this and the results have been very good so far. Will update on progress in a couple of weeks.

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