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    This thread is designed as a stretching and flexibility resource, with loads of information all in one place.
    It is not a how to stretch, more of a, "where do I find the information" centre.

    The beginners Guide to Flexibility is a very good thread by our stretching expert Van Zandt.
    This thread is a great starting point and will answer many of your stretching questions.

    The second must read thread is Van Zandt's Isometric Split Progression.
    This thread sets out his own stretching programme designed to help you reach the splits in the shortest possible time.
    If you are after a pre-designed stretching programme then this is the thread for you.

    Here is a fantastic site from Brad Appleton.
    Dozens of links all in one place inlcuding, types of stretching, why you should stretch, limiting factors, age and strength etc.

    Stretching World is a good site.
    Several articles including how to stretch while sat at a desk, different isolation stretches and how to use a foam roller.
    The site also includes stretches for different sports. Again loads of information all in one place.

    I have avoided what types of stretches I think are better or worse, we all have our favourites, and we all have stretches we should be doing but don't.
    This thread is just a resource so please add to it with your own source of information.
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  2. Aztral

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    Stretching World

    Stretching World link is down :(
  3. BiGF00T

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    The link on cmcrossroads is also unreachable.
    You can get Brad Appleton's stuff as pdf here
  4. Dreamstrike

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    Search Natural movement on youtube. Personally like combo of movement and stretch. here's my go to: []

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