Reiki and its side effects

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Stewart, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. Stewart

    Stewart Valued Member

    A few years back, I had a reiki session and found the experience quite strange. As I left the appointment, I felt nauseous and ended up throwing up. At this point, I put this down to somethin I ate.

    However, my wife had a reiki session last night and when she arrived home she was very pale, her head was very sore on the left hand side and she was throwing up.

    The headache started when she was having the reiki session and the practioner advised that this can happen.

    Can someone explain why we both have experienced side effects like this?
  2. RobP

    RobP Valued Member

    Personally speaking, and from my own experience, reiki isn't something I'd go near. You can open yourself up to all sorts of things and not everyone who claims to be is neccesary qualified to understand what they are doing

  3. moononthewater

    moononthewater Valued Member

    A lot of the therapies based on rebalancing the system can cause side effects. I do shiatsu and a headache or even a cold after a session can happen as the body rebalances its self. Its not something to worry about as such just part of the process. To be honest I do not have too many who suffer after effects but it can happen. I find most of the people I work on just feel very sleepy for about 24 hours.
  4. ember

    ember Valued Member

    I've never had any side effects from Reiki.
  5. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    this is similar side affects to when doing qigong exercises,
    when I first started, I found my self very tired or nausious for about a day after. Once the day had past though I felt a million times better.

    It was described to me as if your body is washing away all the toxins in your body.
  6. aikiMac

    aikiMac aikido + boxing = very good Moderator Supporter

    Aye, this is what I would think is happening.

    Example: When a person changes from an unhealthy diet to a healthy diet, he'll go through a period of cleansing wherein he'll break out in a rash for a few days, and maybe also get a stuffy runny nose, and feel generally a little sick. After a few days it's gone and he'll feel quite good.

    The body needs a bit of a time to flush out all the crap, so to speak. It's a good thing to flush out the body.
  7. reikislapper

    reikislapper see you on the flypaper

    Being a reiki master myself, I'd be very concerned about this happening as you shouldn't get a bad reaction like this unless she has a blockage somewhere which needs treating.
    I can't really speak about the reiki practitioner or how they work but I'd make sure I did a skan before I even started treating as you can find out on every level where the problems lie within the aura, if you don't then your not giving the client value. If I'm doing a treatment I make sure that they know what I'm doing then if they have any questions then they can ask away, it's better for the insurance you have to have and everything else as there are a lot of cheats about who say they are healers and they don't have the proper training, they just read a few books and expect they can heal without doing the courses.
    I do know someone who treats like this and it gives a bad name for the ones who have paid their money to do the right course within the proper channels i.e college, but it's their karma and not mine. It just makes me a little angry when the client comes and says that they have been to another healer and got messed up as I have to sort out their mess before I can get down to the proper healing which they have come for.
    I do take this kind of healing very serious as you can't mess about with energy, I also work in psychic surgery and many forms of holistic therepies now as I'm qualified as I've been doing courses recently, from sept I'll be doing my diploma so I can't be that bad lol, it is hard work but it's really rewarding when you know that you have the proper training and people can't accuse you of being a fraud when you have the qualifications through college.
  8. MikeC

    MikeC New Member

    I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher and have been practicing energy healing for years. I personally have never had a client experience a negative reaction like that and I have treated many. One thing that must be understood about energy work is its intimate nature. One thing that I focus on seriously when I train Reiki practitioners is the concept of self care and creating healthy boundaries. Energy work is extremely intimate, and the practioner not only opens himself to what is occuring in the energy field of the client, but also the client may decide to open himself in the same fashion. If the practitioner is not following a healthy self care regimen (i.e. keeping themselves balanced and healthy energetically and physically) this can result in a negative experience. That is one aspect of this type of experience. There's much more to this, but this is a fundamental aspect of energy healing - and a critically important one.

    Another aspect is that this can be very deep work. Some people who seek this type of experience completely open themselves - make themselves energetically available at a level that is inappropriate or would not work for them. It is the repsonsibility of the Reiki practitioner to interview new clients, use their skills to assess the overall status of the client and guide them through an experience that is appropriate. It is true that energy healing drives the body's healing mechanisms so that detoxification occurs, but it does not have to occur in such a violent fashion. Energy work can result in serious detox, but like any other modality the experience is to some extent a product of the healer's skill and awareness in leading the client to a depth of experience that works.

    A skilled practitioner holds a space of love, safety, and healing. A skilled practitioner is also able to discern how to approach a healing session so that the results are approprate for the client. Many people don't have the capability of withstanding a deep energetic healing at first and must be guided gently. A Reiki master knows this and holds a space that is right for the client.

    Bottom line - detox definitely occurs but can be managed by a skilled practitioner. Don't let a poor experience turn you off completely. Use your gut to guide you in working with someone that you feel comfortable with. We are all connected energetically and if you listen to yourself you will know who you should allow to work with you and who you should not.
  9. John Christian

    John Christian New Member

    "Personally speaking, and from my own experience, reiki isn't something I'd go near. You can open yourself up to all sorts of things and not everyone who claims to be is neccesary qualified to understand what they are doing


    Ive been a second degree in Reiki for some 15 years and given 100's of hours, never with any bad results. Never. But if you want Reiki on steriods get Deeksha. Way more powerfull. These energies are as benevolent as can be. Deeksha is starting to change many many people.
  10. Raven Wing

    Raven Wing Valued Member

    Out of interest how should someone go about finding a reputable reiki healer? Speaking as someone with no experience in this field - Is there a recognised standard or whatever?
  11. Raven Wing

    Raven Wing Valued Member

    Out of interest how should someone go about finding a reputable reiki healer? Speaking as someone with no experience in this field - Is there a recognised standard or whatever?
  12. Raven Wing

    Raven Wing Valued Member

    Sorry dont know how that got posted twice - think my computers feeling too festive maybe. :)
  13. Hatamoto

    Hatamoto Beardy Man Kenobi Supporter

    I checked your profile to see where you were from, but you haven't filled in that part. No matter, really. I was going to suggest the UK Reiki Federation, though. I haven't joined yet (got my first degree in September 06) but from what my teacher told me, it's a good thing to be a part of. Looks good on paper so assures the client, as well as having people behind you should problems occur, such as the one this thread is based around, I guess. You also get a list of practitioners throughout the UK. I found my teacher via a search on there.

    That's for the UK. I'm sure there are US equivelants, though. Reiki is getting to be popular, so I imagine there would be something for most places if you looked.

    Woo, first post :)
  14. jkzorya

    jkzorya Moved on by request

    Speaking as someone who is technically a Reiki master and a former shaman and qigong practitioner / buqi healer (I must add that I never charged a penny for so-called "healing"). I can report with utmost authority and devout sincerity that it is all a load of lies. Deception, self-deception, ego-trippery and total rot, as is so-called "Energy Work" "Psychic Healing" etc. etc.

    I know because God told me and his presence made me realise that all the other things I had experienced were manifestations or otherwise results of my own darkness, even if they appeared (briefly) to have some minor benefit, which I now know to be placebo.

    Energetic experiences are easy to cultivate and completely meaningless.

    Well, that is the best it gets.

    At its worst it either is or at least replicates (thereby effectively being) demonic / djinn possession.

    Of course you don't have to believe me - I've almost died and met Jesus, felt the presence and heard the voice of God and experienced the very real presence of Satan. You might think my experiences sound irrational, while belief in energy work and psychic surgery sound rational. But to be honest, my experiences of divinity really blew my so-called "energetic" experiences out of the water.

    I'd recommend this article to start with:
    The Trouble with Qi and you can follow links at the bottom.

    You could try watching these films James Randi

    I'd also recommend a book called "Seeds of Contemplation" by Thomas Merton. It offers very deep insights into how we can all be deceived by our own egos.

    I also found these interviews very interesting and inspiring - especially the 29 min interview with the Chief Rabbi, Sir Jonathan Sacks.In Search of God

    Good luck all, and God bless.
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  15. ember

    ember Valued Member

    With respect for Jkzorya's perspective, that has not been my experience.

    I would like to emphasize that I do not believe reiki is any substitute for medical care. IMO, it should be COMPLEMENTARY, rather than "alternative". In the company of proper medical care, I do not see any real difference between reiki and prayers for healing.

    As for finding a reputable reiki practitioner... My understanding of the major reiki organization in the U.S. is rather biased and negative. My recommendation would be word of mouth, asking friends who might know whom.

    My other recommendation is, "by their works shall you know them". Observe / get to know whoever you might want treating you. If you don't trust them, don't ask for reiki from them.
  16. Devildog2930

    Devildog2930 Teneo vestri ego.

  17. jkzorya

    jkzorya Moved on by request

    this usually works

    this usually works to make the messages show up - I normally delete them straight afterwards, but I'll leave this one here so you can see what I've done. If you post a message and it doesn't show up (or see one by someone else, but it isn't there), post another message and it often makes the other one appear...

    Edit: the messages normally don't appear when they are starting a second page - it seems to sometimes take two messages on page two before the first one shows up.

    Edit: Ok so this was your comment DevilDog:
    Well, there's no ego in my other comment - I just know when I'm told something good and proper by a force that is so much bigger than me or any of us. It was quite a wake-up call and shook my whole former belief system.
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  18. jkzorya

    jkzorya Moved on by request

    In response to
    I think that there is a difference, because prayers are about your faith in God, faith that God is good and faith that good will triumph over evil. Sometimes these things can heal you. You can also pray and give thanks and ask God to heal you if you wish, but the truth is that He already knows when you are ill.

    Faith is better than fatalistic resignation to disease. But we cannot command or demand healing. We cannot manipulate supernatural forces and make them heal people, and nor should we try. Jesus never healed anyone or claimed to - he said "your faith has healed you" and stripped all ritual and magic out of the healing process. He attributed all healing to God and to one's faith in Him.

    This is another good book:
    Jesus Before Christianity by Albert Nolan
  19. Devildog2930

    Devildog2930 Teneo vestri ego.

    First of all thanks for getting my post to show up.
    My comment was based upon the fact that when refering to god people often refer to god speaking directly to them which in a way gives them great self importance. Why would god chose certain inderviduals to relay messages to and not reveal itself to all. I am not an athiest, I just don't agree with most religions conception of god.
  20. jkzorya

    jkzorya Moved on by request

    Hi - I don't think it is a case of certain people being special or chosen, although it might feel that way if we hear other people say "Oh I just talked to God and He says..."

    For me it was about being ready to listen - I think maybe it is more about being prepared to listen to the still small voice inside you and let it take shape and let yourself believe that it might be something divine and infinite trying to come through. It could even be a part of yourself - the God bit - the divine spark - the animating consciousness that is with you from birth until death (and if your notion of God is something akin to the Dao +, like mine) beyond and before that too.

    It is a hard thing to convey. I think we have have to stop having negative emotions towards people who do have a strong faith and stop feeling animosity and envy towards them. We also have to be ready to recognise that that is what we are doing. When it happened to me, I suddenly realised that many of the people I'd seen as enemies were really good people - people of integrity. Maybe their priorities were different from mine, and maybe they even had different ideas about what was good and bad behaviour sometimes - a different set of values and rules, but I realised that they had integrity, which in itself is not always quite enough, but it is a big start. Some of the people I'd previously seen as friends and allies were negative, cynical, cliquish, smug and mocking; despite priding themselves on being a lot more liberal and open-minded.

    So I have found a lot more benevolence among the faithful, than among the faithless. And a lot more genuine willingness to roll up sleeves and get to where the action is and get involved in trying to make the lives of others better. Not in "cool," "edgy" or "mystical" ways like energy healing, but by becoming doctors and nurses and midwives and policemen. People who can and do make a big difference, right under our noses, right in the thick of mainstream society.

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