Push Up Challenge

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jeff Burger, Oct 17, 2003.

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  1. Cain

    Cain New Member

    Takes a hell of an endurance....let's put it this way - what's the point in doing just 20 push ups if you can do 100? :D

  2. Greg-VT

    Greg-VT Peasant

    This sounds great.

    I'm in. Currently doing about 30/set. But I admit Ive never really done much.

    Goin for it.
  3. djhallib

    djhallib Guest

    I'm in!
    current max is at 28.
  4. Adam

    Adam New Member

    I really wanna get to 100 now after my arm has healed up. Just have to wait for the newly formed burns on my knuckles to heal up now :p

    Current is at fifty, highest ever was 80-90.

    Count me in. Sorta.
  5. Rob_InDaUk

    Rob_InDaUk Grandmaster Sandwich


    The suspense is killing me! :D
  6. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    Same here, I know a lot of relatively fit people that can do around 50-60, it seems to be a bit of a peak were the muscles just run out of steam?

    ps I'm in, 1st Nov? I can wait as long as you want ;)
  7. tang_sou_dao

    tang_sou_dao YoU cAnT sEe Me!

    u can count me in, im 15 and i can only get up to about 30 in one go.
  8. semphoon

    semphoon walk idiot, walk.

    I'm in. Current 60ish. Max ever 100.
    Just tell us the method- I really want to know.
  9. totality

    totality New Member

    also curious as to the method, my max is only around 50...i'm in, as long as it doesn't interfere too much with regular training
  10. hwardo

    hwardo Drunken Monkey

    I'll shoot for 100. Count me in!
  11. Jeff Burger

    Jeff Burger Valued Member

    Whats the point and Whoopdedoo

    The point is uhm...exercise...strenght, conditioning.

    If you can do 100 GREAT. Maybe your happy with it maybe you want to go for more. I just made 300.
    For most people 100 is alot.
    The Method is good...thats why I posted the results from current challengers along with it.
    You can see some people tripled their #s in less than 2 months.

    I wont just post The Method.
    We will probably start November 1st and.
    A friend from another site set up a special forum just for the challenge.
    those with on the challenge need to post results (good, bad, skipped...)weekly or will get booted.
    I will also give weekly tips.
    Also those on the challenge are asked not to post it until the end of their challenge.

  12. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    I'm up for it.

    Previous best 66 in 60 seconds (yup chest to ground and arms straight at the top), been a long time though. :D
  13. Hakko-Ryu

    Hakko-Ryu New Member

    November 1st?!!?!??!?!??!!?! WHY NOT NOW!! NOW!!! hahaha just playin. ok ok....
  14. khafra

    khafra New Member

    Well, I can only do 50, but if I can do at least 80 in two minutes I'll have a better PT test, and higher promotion point score, which point score, which means more money.
    What's your excuse for showing off that you can do 100 without a method? :p
  15. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter


    Me Man!!!!!

    I used to do 3 sets of 60 every weekday morning and its relatively easy, I've changed to doing Hindus and Dive bomber because they're more challenging.

    The most I've managed was about 120ish, but I was younger then! :D

  16. Adam

    Adam New Member

    Off topic, but just wanted you to know that the world record for most pushups in twenty minutes has been beaten. By a five year old shaolin monk. He did 3600 pushups in twenty minutes which equals roughly three pushups a second and 180 a minute. Now, beating this guy, THAT is a pushups challenge!
  17. Tosh

    Tosh Renegade of Funk

    I'm in I'm a fellow "has-been" i.e. has been up to 100 but wallowing around the 50-60 mark.

    I'm interested in "The Method" I also had a method which i've discussed a couple of times. Does it involve the time to do your pushups by any chance??? Go on give us a clue!!! :D
  18. GrappleorWrestle

    GrappleorWrestle Valued Member

    all you peoples are making me sound bad... I can barely do 50..I think. But I want to get started!
  19. Sekmet7

    Sekmet7 Valued Member

    Alright guys, count me in too! I'm currently at about 45...aiming for 100.
  20. Rob_InDaUk

    Rob_InDaUk Grandmaster Sandwich

    How the hell can you do 3 pushups a second...
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