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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by MindTricks, Jun 14, 2013.

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    i have been having this problem for a quite few months now... it hurts when i do split in particular area of my legs. I have to do stretching at home for 10-15 min before i go training and then we do some at the gym. After all that i can do split and kicks with out much pain but it still there and very annoying.
    Im not quite sure where problem is... it feels quite sharp and only hurts when i do splits n high kicks

    here picture of where it hurts ( same on both legs ) its hard to pin point where exactly it hurts so i just covered whole area

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  2. Wildlings

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    Do you feel pain in the muscle or the joint?
    If it's the muscle, it is not much to worry about, probably a weak or slightly overstretched muscle (you didn't specificate which split and kicks are causing you problems).

    Anyway it's more common to have problems with the joint, it is usually due to the femur rubbing against the hip socket. You can avoid this by tilting the pelvis forward.
    Here is an article by Thomas Kurz about this:
  3. MindTricks

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    i think its the joint...not quite sure this is all still new to me :p

    its middle split and muay thai roundhouse kick thats causing me problems

    just in past few months my kicks started to improve and in past few weeks they improved by a lot ( so happy literally over the moon atm :D ) i am not very flexible at all, I have been doing some stretches and some hip drills at home, maybe my body still getting used to it ? but its been like this for quite a while now im bit worried

    thx for the article i will give it a read
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  4. Moosey

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    If you're trying to do the splits, stick your bum out. It tilts your pelvis so that your femurs aren't jamming into the sides of their socket. If you're kicking and your joint is jamming, kick slightly in front or behind and realign your aim accordingly. Again, it's about repositioning your pelvis relative to your legs.
  5. Van Zandt

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    Moosey is spot on. This problem is common in people who start training as adults.

    MindTricks, did you try Moosey's suggestion? How did you do?

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