posterior hip labral tear

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by spawn2031, Feb 7, 2020.

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    So I posted in here once before about my lack of hip flexibility, which is still coming along, albeit slowly but making any kind of gain is good! Since the beginning of me getting back in to MA I had felt a dull pain in the back part of my right hip. Never thought much of it, just figured I pulled something slightly or whatever. Turns out I have a Posterior hip labral tear. The Dr. I saw doesn't think it's major since it doesn't stop me from actually doing anything, it's more of annoyance really but I am of course concerned about making it any worse. I was given some stretches to do and instructed to take it kind of easy on it. I'm writing here to see if anyone here has had one of these and if so, how long did it take you to heal and were there any exercises that seemed help more or less than others?

  2. Van Zandt

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    Was the doctor you saw an orthopedic-certified specialist physical therapist, or your normal family physician?
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    My normal GP. With the Drs here, I really have to push the fact if I think I need to see a specialist. I’m not sure why they are so reluctant.
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    So wow... all I can say is wow. I got a phone call today from the doctors office today. The lady asked me if I could come in and discuss my recent visit due to some new findings?? I thought that was kind of odd but whatever, I went in. I sat with a different doctor than before that pulled up my xray from last time and informed me that both of my hips are shot. He proceeded to show me how I have pretty much no cartilage left on either side and that the prior diagnosis of the tear in my labrum was incorrect... I am looking at hip replacements at the age of 44!! Wtf!! So now I have an appointment set with orthopedics to check into this further and I guess give me options. Not a good day for me today.

    I have zero desire to quit MA. That's just not gonna happen. So... besides the obvious of getting this fixed, have any of you been in this situation? And if so, was your flexibility negatively or positivley affected by the procedure? Damn I have so many questions about what I can expect in the future I dont even know where to start. I go into my next class in a couple days and I'm sure my instructors will tell me it's fine and we'll figure out something, but man.. I'm am just not ready to admit that my capabilities are diminished now. I honestly dont entirely know what I expect to get from even typing this here other than just venting frustration. But now at least all the issues I've been having make sense.
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    Wow is a good choice of words, sorry to hear that. :(

    I have a friend with a double hip replacement in his late 30s and carried on with martial arts.
    There are plenty of examples of others who continue to train after hip replacements (bob breen, van zandt on this forum) , so it's not not the end of your martial arts training, but there will be restrictions on some things you can do.
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    Jesus, Van Zandt had his hips done? Seems that guys is the king of flexibility so that definitely makes me feel a bit better as well as the info on your friend. The only person I knew that had one done was my mom. She had just one side done and her Dr didn't even want her doing yoga! Maybe there was some other reason that she is unaware of that her Dr. didn't want her being too active. Either way, I get to see Ortho on Monday and get the ball rolling on this.
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    Well, I had the appointment with Ortho yesterday, expecting to at least get on the road to moving forward and getting better. Seems the Dr doesn't think that my situation is bad enough to warrant a hip replacement yet as he is concerned about how quickly they wear out with someone that is active. My lack of flexibility is actually caused by small bone spurs or osteocytes (sp?) that have developed on the ball of my hip joint on both sides. So instead of looking forward to a solution, I'm just doing the best I can and watching myself get slowly worse cuz it's certainly not going to get better.

    The only "good" news I got was him telling me to not stop being active, so I dont have to quite MA. Bitter sweet I suppose.

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