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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Socrastein, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. Socrastein

    Socrastein The Boxing Philosopher

    Tried to find this with searching, but didn't find anything. I was wondering if anyone could give me some websites that sell gym equipment and/or martial arts supplies, to the US, at a good price. What are the best websites you've found? is to computer parts as _____________ is to fitness supplies.
  2. pablo147

    pablo147 Valued Member

    what kind of equipment are you looking for? weights? MA training gear (pads, gloves, etc)? heavy bags?
  3. Socrastein

    Socrastein The Boxing Philosopher


    "gym equipment and/or martial arts supplies"

    Weights, benches, dumbells, chinup bars, heavy bags, hand wraps, pads, boxing gloves, mouth guards, etc.
  4. MartialJac

    MartialJac Banned Banned

    Just checked twinsspecial on ebay used them alot to UK but deliver from Thailand worldwide. Quality great prices are cheap just takes a while to ship sometimes

    THUMPER New Member


    I've ordered items from these companies in the past and have had good service is the USA.

    I've only ordered bars from newyorkbarbell, shipping can be pretty high because of the weight. I "think" that a lot of their power racks and benches are not rated for real heavy lifters without some additional tweeking.
    Two of my friends have bought their power racks and or benches, one of them added a little metal to the power rack once he got over 350#'s on squats because it was looking a little shaky, the other guy never got over 300#'s, and never had a problem.
    But I think most lifters shouldn't have a problem until you get into
    the 350# range or higher and that's higher then most will ever get to.
    If you pay attention you can sometimes get "free" shipping on the larger equipment from them.

    If I was starting out again, I'd first buy an olympic bar set, next a few sets of "spinner" dumbells and a few 100#s of 2.5,5,10# plates. I don't trust olympic dumbell collars to stay on!!!
    Next a good bench, and then a power rack, with a chin bar. These are must have items. You just keep adding exercises as you get more euipment.

    Once the spinners dumbells won't hold enough weight its time to buy 3 or 4 sets of "newyorks" "special" dumbell handles. These will take you to 205#'s per hand. You can then add larger handles to these with either welded on 2" pipe like I did or just glue and screw on some {2"X4"} handles. All you need is a half round file and some time. A little athletic tape so you're hands don't sweat off the smooth wood. These are great for farmers walks!
    Dave S.
  6. tsukikage

    tsukikage New Member

    I order most everything from Sakura Martial Arts Supplies. They've got a pretty good selection of fitness - bags & stuff well as martial arts equipment (obviously).

    Hope this helps.

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