Knee problems

Discussion in 'Injuries and Prevention' started by HappyAiki, May 12, 2016.

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    Just went to my first physiotherapy session today. The result is ITB syndrome and damaged meniscus.
    Good news is, I didn't damage anything permanently due to my lack of soughting out treatment earlier and continuing to exercise. So my bill is 3 or 4 months of gentle bike riding (20 min a day to reduce swelling) and 60 squats in the morning and 30 before bed with 10 Kg extra. The bad news is that for now I cannot keep my 3X a week bjj and 2X a week Judo training regime. Basically I can only do MAs until my knees start to get sore and then I need to stop or I risk worst injuries. I basically have to drop Judo for now since the impacts there are not good and I have to do bjj very carefully due to the ITB.

    That sucks... But the message is, go check a doctor as soon as something hurts and don't be the hero. Basically I was risking rupturing the ligaments if I kept powering through the pain. And then it would be years of physio instead of a couple of months. But boy it sucks...

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