I don't drink water. Does this affect my workouts?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by flutterfists, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. succubus

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    i pretty much only drink water and fruit juices. started that up about four months ago and have never felt healthier. it's definitely The Way To Go, even if you have to force yourself to drink the water. and rather replace the gatorade and fizzy drinks with fruit juices (100% fruit). your body will thank you for it.

    i've also pretty much given alcohol. i'll have a glass of wine or something when i go out, but i'll generally just have water or, once again, fruit juice.

    if i get sick of the taste of water i add about a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. or if i want something sweet i'll make my own lemonade- 2 litres of water, juice of three lemons and just enough sugar so it isn't bitter any more. lemon in water is actually really, really healthy- it reduces the acidity in your body. i know it sounds weird, but it works. :)
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    See, why do you have to go & be a punk? I gave you where it came from. Obviously it's not balanced - the components aren't actual compounds. Feel free to bring something to the discussion instead of just throwing rocks. Since you're the chemistry expert, give us the real equation. And the ones after that.

    My point is that saying that water is used to break down sucrose is oversimplifying the process. I also said that obviously there are things that you could drink that would be bad, but who's trying to?

    The whole "water is the only thing you should drink & you should drink tons of it" is just bad science.
  3. narcsarge

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    Flutter, I can profess to be an "expert" on any of the chemistry involved in the breakdown of what we ingest but H20 consumption is important to maintaining a balance withing the body. Too little water your body will draw what it needs from any available source. Muscle tissue, the blood, organs, etc. Lethargy is a primary indication. The rise in temperature you describe could be an indication of early dehydration. Our bodies are wonderful. It can adapt to any abuse we can through at it. The fact that your temp. rises, and when you drink it goes down, should indicate that the internal thermostat is being affected. Were you sweating at the time you noticed the change in your body temperature? If not, you may have been flirting with heat exhaustion. Cooling the body, drinking water and resting is the remedy. :cool: :Angel:
  4. narcsarge

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    Yep! I occasionally drink Ice Tea too. Coffee in the morning. :cool: :Angel:
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    No way. :eek: I couldn't do that to myself. I just drink about 80-100 oz. of water at home, and have a soda when I'm out. I even have a soda at home sometimes, but I would rather drink a flavored seltzer water, like the Clear American you can get at Wal-Mart. It's really hard the first week or two to drink so much water, but if you force yourself at first, you get used to it and it wont bother you. If you wish, drink water like I do, drink out of 20 oz. bottles, you can down it in like 3 drinks and go on with life. Just save old coke bottles or something. That's cheaper than buying bottled waters.
  6. flutterfists

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    Nope, I wasn't sweating.

    That was a really informative post. It was helpful, thanks for taking the time to write it. :)
  7. flutterfists

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    Yeah, I know. But I'm not eating certain foods on purpose; I just eat whatever's in my pantry. :D
  8. Ad McG

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    Dan John says that the best anabolic is water and I wouldn't say that is too far off.
  9. NaughtyKnight

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    Well then you have an unorganised diet. Its still a diet.
  10. flutterfists

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    You've got a point.
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    umm most of the poster's drinks do include water in them. they just have solutes (disolved suger, lemon juice etc) in the water.

    this means your body will get the water, just not in an efficient manor. it will not really help you however if you drink tons of lemonaid before a workout etc... because your body will be working on extracting the water inside your drink, but this does explain why you are not dead from lack of water (you get it in a less efficient and unhealthy form)

    a suggestion would be to get lemon flavored water. i think gatorade makes "repel' lemon flavored or berry water.. both which rock!
  12. notquitedead

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    Glycolysis doesn't give you all the water back. Assuming that formula is right, then it yields plain hydrogen, NADH, and ATP in addtion to water. NADH has hydrogen, and ATP (C10H16N5O13P3 according to wikipedia) has water and oxygen.

    As others have said, the color of your urine is a good judge of how well hydrated you are. The clearer, the better. Try drinking only soft drinks and see what color it is...

    I usually carry a .5L water bottle around with me all day and just fill it up when I need to. Taking a sip every so often has pretty much become a habit. For a while I had an alarm set on my phone to remind me to drink water twice a day while I was at home, but it got annoying and I didn't really need it so I stopped it.

    I don't have a problem with sports drinks like gatorade etc.- when I got home last night after my grappling match I drank a quart of watered-down gatorade and it quenched my thirst pretty quickly. After that I went back to plain water.

    Yes there is water in soft drinks etc., so what? They're still bad for you. I still drink them but I don't kid myself by saying they're good for me because they have water in them. When I drink pop I try to drink more water to make up for it.
  13. Freeform

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    You want to qualify that statement?

    Where has anybody said 'ony drink water'?

    What we have been saying is 'drink water'. What you are suggesting is taking water through highly ineffiecient means.

    As to the going sober bit, done that for long periods of time whilst I'm training for a fight (or on a general weight cutting program), don't replace it with fizzy drinks as they are just as high in calories. You can try diet coke/pepsi as they have virtually no calorific content, but there are concerns with the caffine and aspartemine content.
  14. reel deel

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  15. Hiroji

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    Well i got to agree with naughty, there really is no substitute for free council pop. The human body is only designed to drink one thing, water. Otherwise its like filling up my Ferrari with sand.
  16. NaughtyKnight

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    There are 3 types of people in the world.

    1. The healthy. People like professional athletes that pride themselves on drinking water (and sports drinks in front of the camera). Rich Franklin drinks a gallon and a half of water a day.

    2. The person that wants to be healthy. Knows that water is the best way to go, but just cant force himself to stomach it. Thinks drinking sugary water is a fair trade.

    3. The unheatly person. Doesnt care about healthy. Drinks coke no stop and never touches water.
  17. wrydolphin

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    it's basically "agree with me no matter how technically incorrect I am or you're a big, fat, lazy slob?"

    Nice, NK. :D
  18. Brat

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    Okay, here we go.

    First: it's Propel, not repel. :rolleyes: And just like Gatorade, it's got too much sugar. Gatorade uses too much sugar in all of their products, unfortunately.

    Second: There are lots of alternatives to water, none are quite as good as plain water though. Some things, like unsweet tea, "Splendade" (lemon and/or limeaid sweetened with splenda) Clear American, Sprite Zero, sugar-free koolaid, and other drinks are comprable, but not equal to, water.

    Third: You imply that lemon juice has a bad effect on your body just like sugar. Lemon juice doesn't have a large effect on water and how well it quenches your thirst, or how well it hydrates you. And even though it may have a slight effect, most of us don't get our daily reccommended fruit and vegetable servings anyway, so the lemon, lime, orange, or whatever type of juice is only going to make up for it's harm by doing good.
  19. adouglasmhor

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    I agree with Akido_Girl the lemon juice is worth it for the vit c alone and promotes salivation.
  20. Mitch

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    Nah, it's really just an issue of how much you think your performance is really influenced by dehydration during an hours session (which is what I specifically addressed).

    You don't need a drink during an hours training, regardless of how hard you're working, as long as it is only an hour and you're able to make up for it afterwards.

    There will of course be extreme exceptions, but stopping for a drink after 15 minutes of class when you can just rehydrate afterwards is wasting your time and the instructors. Spending the last 15 minutes of a class slightly dehydrated will simply not affect you that much, IMHO; but hey, we can agree to differ.


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