How has COVID-19 affected your training and other parts of your life?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by aaradia, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Dead_pool

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    Whilst I understand everyone's instinct is to use the time to travel and start training again, covid hasn't gone away yet, no countries have hit herd immunity levels yet, and there are exceptionally nasty variants circulating which are less effected by the vaccines we currently have.

    My local parks are rammed with people who aren't social distancing or using masks, I do fear there's a chance one of the new variants will overwhelm the vaccines we currently have and we will go straight back to the beginning.

    This isn't over until it's over, and we have a long way to go yet.
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  2. IronMaiden1991

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    Stay safe. I see similar issues near me, so I only walk my dog in the evenings or early enough nobody is out. I am avoiding people like the plague.
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  3. Xue Sheng

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    I've been noticing social distancing getting less distant in my area too
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