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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Cannonballken, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. Cannonballken

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    Does anyone know or have any ideas about how to make a home made heavy bag or a bag sufficent enough to practice punches and kicks on.
    So far Ive settled for a sand bad, but the plastic breaks easliy .
    Im trying a 6 day workout plan now, and I only have a heavy bag 3 to 4 days a week.
  2. brahman

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    a home made heavey bag.....

    1. i would use jean material, go to a fabric store and get 5ft by 7ft piece of jeans. you will have to sow it shouldnt be too hard, just get a thumble so you dont kell your fingers. double stitching would be good and when you sow the material together,make sure the seem is on the inside. measure whatever dimensions you want, i say 5ft be 7ft becuase the diamater isnt going to be 2ft wide. more like a foot and a couple of inches. the length will most likely end up being 4 feet long. get some sand and put some in your bag to weight it down. dont fill it entirely with sand because it will be too hard to kick. go to the fabric store and buy some cheap material and fill the bag up with that.

    once you are done, wrap your bag in duck tape.
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  3. Combatant

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    Or you can buy an army surplus bag like this one and fill it with whatever you like. :D

  4. darcho

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    Maybe instead of jean material, you could even use canvas, and layer it with some light plastic material on the inside for extra security against sand leaks.
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    This is my first post so i'm not to sure whether or not this is allowed. But heres a link to my own site. I just posted " the Poor Mans heavy Bag". There's nothing to buy well, at least not from me. But check it out. Hope it helps.....


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