good stretches for "vastus medialis muscle" ?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by zibafu, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. zibafu

    zibafu Valued Member

    basically after a class on monday, this muscle on both legs is aching, the bog standard quadricep stretch I don't really ever feel in this part of the thigh.

    Ive gone over it with a foam roller a few times on both legs

    its the muscle that if you look at your right knee, is just above and on the inside of the leg.


    so anyone know any good stretches for that muscle and I will love you long time :love:
  2. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    the vastus medialus is activated and fatigued from largely single leg movements to stabilise the knee

    it's best not to stretch it and instead go over it with a lacrosse or tennis ball and let it heal up

    what did you do in class? im trying pretty hard to target VMO for knee health
  3. zibafu

    zibafu Valued Member

    well, our sifu gave me the privilege... yet again of warming the class up, he keeps doing it since I get more creative and do different exercises than the other students :v
    so this time I did:
    - 30 seconds of jumping squats
    - 80 lunges
    - not sure what its called (knee jumps to squat jumps ? ) but kneel on the floor insteps down, jump from that to squat, jump up in air, land back in squat (carefully - hard floor) get back onto knees 20 times
    - diamond plank position, raising one hand off floor for a slow 10 count, 2 sets on each arm
    - jogging with feet alternating forwards and backwards for 30 seconds whilst turning the chest towards the lead leg
    - then an exercise that I came up with at home... pu bu stance, shifting weight across to lead leg, cross rear foot in front of lead to do a 360 spin, land back in stance, change stance to other leg, repeat, which we did a lot of, our sifu loved that since it combined a stance squat with a balance and rotation motion to really screw with peoples heads haha.
    - finally a kind of break dance exercise I've seen - start in diamond pushup, lift right leg off floor, cross it under body and out to left whilst raising left arm, then back to plank then do other side, did 20 of them.

    jogging in between with various body part rotations.

    after that he had us play some weird entertaining game for 5 minutes in which two plastic chairs were "goals" and we had a squash ball to try to score goals with, but we could only slap the ball along the floor and had to stay squatted right down in like some duck walking kinda height, which really worked the legs, and was pretty damn tough on them.

    then a ton of kicking combinations and eventually syllabus work and forms

    so a pretty intense class haha.
  4. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    lunges, jumping and kicking probably got it nice and sore!
    thanks :)
  5. zibafu

    zibafu Valued Member

    yeah man definitely

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