Functional strength and conditioning for everyday labor ie: gardening/yard work

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    i’ve Been meaning to find a workout program and diet program that’s sustainable for a weekend warrior.. and the aim of this is not to win a dang good medal but rather to but fit for menial task (think I used menial right) such as: handling kitchen ware, or moving furniture, maybe even scrubbing floors?? I could elaborate on the gist of what im conveying if more ordinary activities come to mind
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    As long as you hit all the major movement patterns (push, pull, hinge, squat, and bicep curls) strong is strong, "function strength" is just an advertising term.

    And cardio, you have to do cardio.
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    How about suspension training (e.g. TRX) because it stimulates co-contraction of muscles and strengthens core stability too? Suspension training gear isn't too expensive if you avoid the TRX-branded kit, you can use it at home while in social isolation, and Amazon sells several books about suspension workout programmes.

    Both for workout programmes and diet, the Complete Guide series is excellent. E.g. there's the Complete Guide to Suspended Fitness Training book, as well as The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition.

    Also, I agree with Deadpool about cardio. Could you run or cycle? There's no shortage of books and online info about running and cycling programmes.
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    I placed kettle bells all over my place, so I'd be guilted into picking one up no matter what I was doing. They really do check off a lot of boxes. Just finished the dishes, sat down on the couch...oh look, a kettlebell. :D
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