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    Mushroom De-powered to come back better than before.

    So, I been away from MAP. Mostly lots of things going on (as some will know). Starting a new art, focusing more and learning more.

    My main trait on MAP is discussing my various and multiple injuries. Particularly me knee. Something I have been dealing with for 10 years.
    I am stubborn. For example, I broke my hand and went into work 2 days later.
    Had a neck injury, got a massage and cracked on with life. Tore a ligament in my wrist at an open mat, went back to training a week later all strapped up.
    I'm not saying I'm tough, just saying I'm not the kind to sit there and feel sorry for myself.

    Finally, after a simple fall of all things. The knee went, and a year later I've had ACL reconstruction.

    And I'm going mad. But also happy that I don't need to deal with any longer is the knee locking up, weird sharp pains, loud snaps when I get up, competing at about 60% cos Im always thinking about the knee.

    I sometimes think, maybe I shouldve done this 5years ago.. All I want to do is get right back up and do some squats...or convince my self that a light drill at class will be fine.

    But for once in my life, I guess I'm making the sensible decision. I know I gotta do the re-hab. I sure as hell got the pre-hab done as I got pretty healthy for it. Still 90kg but a leaner 90kg.

    Personal good shout out to Ben Gash and also LFD for the advice. They know their stuff and after the Dr prescribed NHS physio I will be having a quick visit to LFDs practice. Who for the last few MAP meets have been kind enough to fix me up.


    Dont be me. Fix yourself up. Future you will be happier for it.
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