Does anyone use a powerball?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JayKayD, May 2, 2005.

  1. Wynnston

    Wynnston Member

    They aren't painful unless you count muscle soreness from trying to exceed 15,000 rpm.

    Yes, you will look like a nutter on the tube :D
  2. inteq9

    inteq9 165lb of TROUBLE!

    Yeah, you would look quite ridiculous using a Powerball on the train, especially if someone was watching you from just the right angle....

    If you want something to carry in your pocket get a gripper like Captains of Crush or Heavygrips. I use my CoC at work all the time.
  3. lala223

    lala223 New Member

    There go my plans of livening up tube journeys :(
  4. Obiw4n

    Obiw4n New Member

    If the day comes on which a lot of train passengers use a Powerball, then you won't look like a nutter...but I think you'll have to wait a long time... :)

    Do you guys also wait for the new metal powerball to be available???
    I really want one!!


  5. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    If your in the UK mate, you can pick up the metal ones from but yeah the meteal ones look cool, and more sturdy.. would not want to drop one on my foot though..
  6. ralphylad

    ralphylad New Member

    IM AT 12,111 arg you pesky kids
  7. Tyranith

    Tyranith New Member

    13,435 (Damn you Obi :) )
    I haven't used one in a while though. I just had a go and got 12,539. My powerball's kinda 'clunky' now too, I've dropped it more than once.

    I'm very right-dominant though, I can only manage *just* over 10k with my left hand.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2005
  8. Obiw4n

    Obiw4n New Member

    12,400 with my left hand but I don't really try to improve my left hand performance...
    Here is my 90s score:


    I try to reach 17000 in this mode but its really hard!! :bang:
  9. Tyranith

    Tyranith New Member

    5 posts? You only signed up to this forum to brag about your powerball score, didn't you (and annoy me in the process)? >:/
  10. Obiw4n

    Obiw4n New Member

    Yes , I was looking for topics about Powerballs, highscores and I came here...
    Sorry if my score is too high but I ve got my powerball on december 2004 and I 've been traning a lot during this time... :)
  11. Dargo

    Dargo New Member

    Ordered one the other day. Can't wait to try it.
  12. Obiw4n

    Obiw4n New Member

    Don't forget to tell us about your first impressions and your first score. Try not to use it too much because blisters appear very fast at the beginning!! :D
  13. Yohan

    Yohan In the Spirit of Yohan Supporter

    What a fun toy. I don't use mine nearly as often as I should, but it sure is nice.
  14. Tyranith

    Tyranith New Member

    The point is, this is a martial arts forum. You googled "powerballs, highscores", to look for powerball topics on any forum so you could tell them your high score? :S

    If you do any kind of martial art, I'll understand, but you haven't posted in any other topic, so my guess is not.

    Maybe we could develop a martial art style around the use of the powerball, maybe add blades or something? :D
  15. Obiw4n

    Obiw4n New Member

    Powerball is quite a martial art, all is the mind when you prepare a run, you have to be really conecentrated... :)
  16. Wynnston

    Wynnston Member

    The high scores are all good and nice but the real benefits of Powerballs for MA-ers are the increases in wrist joint mobility and finger & wrist strength from using them. Probably most useful for weapon based arts but most MA-ists would benefit from increased grip strenth and stronger wrists.
  17. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    Was experimenting with my powerball last night, found a few things, though you may already have tried this out.

    I got an idea from dropping my powerball on my bed/duvet while it was still spinning, basically I noticed that the softness of the bed/duvet absorbed the spin and distortion created by the gyroscope without any jolting or swiveling. I repeated the experiment by putting a spinning powerball on my floor, and it started gyrating all over the place. Then I tried to make my hand as soft as the bed/duvet, which did not work, so I did the following instead. Get the ball spinning relatively fast, then relax your hand enough to allow the ball to move/guide your hand, basically you have to find the right balance of tension/relaxation to let the ball push/pull the movement without hindrance from your tension. Do this in a smooth manner without the ball jolting inside, until it comes to a complete stop.

    Also, I noticed that you can spin the powerball by just using the elbow joint as long as you keep your wrist locked in such a way that it keeps the powerball in a vertical position. You can either do this by having your forearm spin from your elbow, with your forearm pointing vertically, or in a position similar to hitting a speedball. The thing is, by adding even a little amount of spin from your wrist, this becomes a lot easier, so if you’re gonna give it a shot don’t cheat, and make sure the spin is coming only from your elbow. When I first tried to do this I had problems because my arm was to tense up and would not let my elbow turn in a fluid and tight motion, so I had to relax a bit before I got this one going. I'm thinking of getting a metal power ball some time soon, would be interesting to spin it, aka speedball style with two arms simultaneously.

    In the future I wanna see if I can spin using just my shoulder joint, have not figured that one out yet. Also I’ve had some slight success spinning it from the waist, basically generating the spin from the waist/hip/leg area, while keeping the upper body tense, similar to punching from the waits/hips/legs, still working on this one though.
  18. Dargo

    Dargo New Member

    Got the ball yesterday. Only tried it a little bit as I needed use of my hands today :)

    First, I needed the string to get it started. Then I could only do it for about 1 minute or so before my hand got really tired. I think I was around 7700 rpms with my right hand. My left hand was much slower.

    I definately felt the burn. Even though I only used it a little, I can feel just a hint of fatigue/soreness in my hands today.

    If I go hardcore with it, I expect complete uselessness for a day or two.

    I cannot imagine getting close to 15K.
  19. lala223

    lala223 New Member

    I took my powerball on the tube today and sat there playing with it (well me and a friend... sitting alone I'd just look mental!). And this girl and her boyfriend were like "wow" and asked to hold it.... haha. :D
  20. Reece

    Reece New Member

    I got mine this week and its wicked! got a PB tonight of 9317 not too bad but I am gonna try to get to 15K gonna take some practice though! Dunno how you are supposed to start it without the string tbh but I know there is a way from watching the world record holder start his.

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