Disconnecting Limbs for strike freedom?

Discussion in 'Flexibility Training' started by Jude, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. Simon

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    Give me a minute and I'll find some links.
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  2. Simon

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    A few swears. Nothing terrible, but a bit at the start.

    The latest stuff appears to be on Facebook, so you can check him out there.

    if you are interested you'll get quicker replies too.
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  3. Simon

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  4. David Harrison

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    It was only tongue-in cheek (though I did indeed mention the serrates anterior, relaxation of antagonist muscles, and articulation of the scapula in the thread in question!).

    I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment about people learning something from Connor's training though. :)
  5. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    I've been very lucky in having some very skilled physiotherapists to bend the ear of during my 18 years of training.

    That extension is about articulating the scapula. This needs relaxed antagonist muscles to happen. Of course, the muscles in the legs, hips and lower core are essential in providing the "engine" for striking power by rotating the trunk.
  6. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    Simon, I don't see anything about punching in those links you provided. The Facebook link didn't work, but that might be because I don't have a Facebook account.

    To be honest, all I saw was a load of marketing to shift exercise equipment. Are you on commission? :p
  7. Madao13

    Madao13 Valued Member

    Nice post!
    Conor doesn't know what he is talking about.
    He believes Ido Portal's propaganda and at this point he seems totally brainwashed.

    They both say the same things. That Floyd's movement it's too sport specific and his movement will break the boxing mold.
    They said that he moves unconventionally, he disappears and reappears. LMAO

    Conor is the last person I would look as an inspiration for training.
    He's going to fight in a few hours the best boxer of the last few decades and he didn't even bother to employ an actual
    boxing coach. He could use this period as an opportunity to advance his skills for when he goes back to UFC,
    but instead he kept training with his MMA coaches and Ido Portal.
  8. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    Come on.

    You don't find Connor McGregor's achievements and performances inspiring to your own training? He's one of the best martial artists to walk the planet. He is ridiculously skillful and a workhorse. Personality aside you have to respect him as a symbol of the role of self belief and hard work in achieving incredible things.

    He would spark me and he would spark you through outskilling us. As practitioners we should respect that if nothing else
  9. Madao13

    Madao13 Valued Member

    I used to be a fan till the last few weeks.
    I think he is deluded. I can't respect the guys that believe in chi and for the same reason
    I can't respect him for believing that his "movement" is out of the ordinary. If you watch him or Ido talking
    it's like watching this deluded "internal" kung fu guys talking.

    In this specific matter he gives his opinion about his uppercut technique, who he thinks is based in superior understanding of movement.
    The thing is that the very same form of his uppercut in his live workouts was bad.
    So bad that Haye, made a video to mock him.
  10. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    Chi guys can't show empirical results. He at least can.

    I'm not suggesting to buy into everything he says or supports (a lot of it I haven't even seen) but he's obviously doing something right and he's incredibly skilled.

    I find him inspirational as a striker.
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  11. Madao13

    Madao13 Valued Member

    We' ll see tonight the empirical results of his "ghosty movement".
  12. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    Haha we will!

    I've seen enough to be inspired irrespective of tonights outcome. I don't believe in hitching myself to anyone's wagon but he is due the respect he is due. Anyone who trains should IMO extend him that.
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  13. Dead_pool

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    No spoilers, but Connor hit a lovely counterpunch uppercut in the early rounds tonight that the commentary team mentioned was very unusual to see successfully used at this high standard of opponent.
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