cung le vs frank shamrock

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  1. Patrick_baji

    Patrick_baji Valued Member

    how come noone's posted anything about this yet?

    It's on today...
  2. slipthejab

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    There is a discussion about in one of the threads here. Not sure exactly where but I've posted in it and so have a few others.
  3. 19thlohan

    19thlohan Beast and the Broadsword

  4. Flinty

    Flinty aspiring nak muay

    Cung Le vs Frank Shamrock!!

    Anybody watch this fight??
    Pure stand up fight...cung le laid the <snip> on shamrock. Shamrock gave him a few good shots..but wow cung le laid roundhouse after roundhouse to the side of his face..
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  5. shift

    shift Valued Member

    I didn't watchi it because I thought it was paper view...I caught the end.

    I'm amazed. Cung pulled it off. LOL

    Shamrock's fault...Shamrock shoulda known he can't stand with Cung...he shoulda taken it to the ground. Now he has a bad wrist as a result and if they get a rematch cung will still win because by then Cung's ground game will step up 5 notches.

    If only champions let their ego go and just use what works.

    Congrats Cung I can't wait to see this fight.

    first sanshou fighter to become a MMA champ. I love Sanshou
  6. shift

    shift Valued Member

    I have to add I am glad Cung is the champ. I like when traditional background martial artists do well because they make the sport look good.

    I love to see the dynamic kicks. Variety is wicked.

    He brings style to MMA
  7. Flinty

    Flinty aspiring nak muay

    i kno im glad too.
    i agree...if shamrock woulda took it to the ground it mighta been a different story...cung destroyed him in the stand up game..i would love to see that rematch
  8. shift

    shift Valued Member

    I just saw the fight.


    Cung's stand up is amazing. Man someone Anderson needs to quit UFC and come over to strike force or Cung needs to quit strike force and go UFC because they need to meet.

    Cung has built my vibe to train hard again. I would love to see a rematch. Hopefully Frank will go to the ground. Frank could have taken him to the ground in the 3rd when he was teeing off on Cung.

    Sick sick sick fight
  9. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    Ok fight fans for those of you that haven't seen it... check it here (no guarantees on how long they'll stay up with YouTube being what is these days):

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Sort of an entertaining fight. Cung definitely put the touch on Shamrock. Shamrocks guard was shambolic. Especially if he wasn't going to try for more takedowns... he ended up eating several kicks in the head he really didn't have to. Cung managed to land some good sidekicks... and in true stubborn style Frank walked right into them. I don't think that Cung had the KO power behind most of his shots... closer to sparring than it was to going for the KO. Respect for Frank for standing by his word and keeping it standing... but he really should have worked the takedowns more. Could he have taken Cung down? Good question... Cung has never been too shabby in the wrestling department... so it'd be interesting to see how it went on the ground. But alas... it was not to be. It was pretty funny when Frank invited Cung to come down to the ground after Frank was unceremoniously put there.... Cung wasn't interested. :D

    Fun fight to watch... Franks seems a bit out of shape... not much gas in the tank. Cung didn't seem to really want to punish Frank... going the route of points to win instead of really hunting down Frank. Franks only glimmer of hope came when he tried to overwhelm Cung with a flurry of punches... I don't think that loading up the right and hunting with telegraphed for the whole word to see was going to ever really catch Cung. lol.

    Rematch should be fun. :D

    edit: the word from the bird is that Cung Le broke Frank's arm in the fight. Apparently Frank tried blocking one too many kicks with a single hand. Always a bad idea.
    Not sure if this is the case... as you know the bird with the word is often a pigeon. :D

    Some reference to rumor:

    and I won't bore you lot with it but there is like a 78 pages long thread on Sherdog about it. lol.
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  10. Ben Gash CLF

    Ben Gash CLF Valued Member

    It was an interesting fight. I thought for an MMA guy Frank actually showed not too shabby standup. I think Cung Le showed him a little too much respect though. I think once he realised that he could tag Shamrock so easily he should have started following through and following up more. He also seriously needs to get some knees and elbows. The way the fight ended was obviously disappointing, and it's a shame we didn't get to see any groundwork.
  11. 19thlohan

    19thlohan Beast and the Broadsword

    I not sure if it was Frank keeping his word or if he just couldn't get the take down. He tried for three in the first round and failed at all of them. He also went after Cung when Cung got caught up on his spinning hook kick and fell but Cung powered his way back to his feet. Frank has never been a take down specialist and Cung is about as good at defending them as he is at doing them. I think Frank was just waiting for the right opportunity to go for one but he didn't get many.
  12. kmguy8

    kmguy8 Not Sin Binned

    broken arm listed as the reason for the loss on sherdog.... not a decision

    frank got owned... i've seen and made that face... the face of pride being wiped away in disbelief as your being bested.... that jocular crap from frank... and there was lots of it... all ego accepting the fact he KNEW he was outclassed

    cung le was being nice.. it was a sparring match to him... he never really went for the kill.... i'm not sure if he's simply is not used to it as he has to keep his training partners alive and kicking (sorry.. could not help that one) or if it was respect for frank........ i think he has it in him... that line "cung le does not have knock out power" will be the only hope franks's fans can cling to for a rematch....frank says he will stay standing if there's a rematch ... by saying he will not fight his fight.. he's already creating a shield for his ego when he loses again.... obvious, shameful and pathetic

    p.s. thanks for the links slip.... nice way to enjoy my sunday morning coffee :) props to MAP for adding the embedded video too... nice touch
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  13. Kwan Jang

    Kwan Jang Valued Member

    I haven't trained with Frank for two years so this is pure speculation on my part, but at least it's an educated guess. I don't think his knee has recovered enough for Frank to effectively shoot in for takedowns. I had knee surgery with less damage than Frank had at about the same time frame and I still can't shoot in yet. Also, takedowns hasn't been Frank's strongest suit and Cung is not only good at countering those, but let's not forget his throwing skills. I really think most of the guys who are really good at submission work from the ground are hesitant to try to take Cung down because they are aware they could end up landing on their head trying to get there. This has allowed Cung to just give brilliant striking and kicking exhibitions on his opponens' heads.

    As far as Cung lacking in striking power, Frank can take a hit. I've seen him take some monster shots in sparring and just smile at his opponent. Keep in mind also that in his pancrase days, he has been hit by Bas Rutten. He beat Bas once and his TKO loss to Bas was by a cut. Even Bas, who hits as hard as anybody and sets the standard for hard strikes (especially kicks) in MMA, never hurt Frank other than the cut.

    I still think Cung has a ways to go in expanding his MMA game and he would probably agree. Still, I think he is not only the best technical striker the sport has seen to date and undoubtably by far the best kicker. Some may argue this because he is not using a Muay Thai strategy that has become the norm, but we are seeing the stand up game being taken to the next level of it's evolution in MMA. Cung is using his kicks to control the set point and thus the fight. I would say that because of his extreme throwing skills, he is probably as dangerous in the clinch as Anderson Silva, but for different reasons and by using a different approach. Having said that, I still think Cung should work more on a Muay Thai-style clinch game including knees and elbows, but it is possible that he may never really need one because people seem very anxious to avoid the clinch with him. He admits that his ground work still needs work, but as he keeps improving/evolving, I can see him as a legitimate threat to anyone to in his weight class.

    As far as Frank is concerned, he is a great fighter and I was impressed by his stand up and striking skills against a striker of Cung's ability. If his knee does heal properly and he can bring back his takedowns and groundwork, I can still see his comeback into MMA being a success and him being a strong contender in the modern MMA scene. If the knee is going to limit him from now on, he could still be good, but his striking will not beat someone like Cung who is on the cutting edge of MMA's evolution in this area. I still could see Frank doing well against most of today's top strikers and if they took him to the ground, it would work well for him, but it probably wouldn't be long before everyone figured out that Frank was hoping for that.

    One other thing about this fight and the production behind it, I really hope that this might help Strikeforce get on the map and noticed by the public. The UFC really needs to have another org. to counter and balance it out now that Pride is gone. Scott Coker has a ton of experience from his days of producing virtually all the kickboxing and martial arts comp that was ever on ESPN and with K-1 USA. I am a bit biased perhaps because I have been his friend and teammate since we were teens, but I really believe Scott would be much better for the sport than Dana White has been. I will give Dana and his partners their due regarding the tremendous growth of the sport, but they treat the fighters like cattle and don't represent the sport to the general public as well as a lot of people would like to see.
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  14. yannick35

    yannick35 Banned Banned

    What an amazing fight

    Frank didnt get owned all the way, he gave Le some good shots too.

    But man Cung kicks are amazing.

    Frank did to much showboating.

    I really hope there will be a rematch against theses two amazing athletes.

    Elite XC is getting some pertty amazing fights and i am glad that they are starting to old there own with great athletes like last night.

    Cant wait for one of there others free ppv.

    BTW there is another org out there that replaces PRIDE its called DREAM (Dream stage entertrainment) i dont really understand why crocop fought with them last ppv they had? and where is contract with UFC stands after all theses terrible showing.

    Check out mmaweekly in the rumor section for all the dream upcoming ppv really good cards.
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  15. shift

    shift Valued Member

    Actually there was lots of power behind Cung's kicks. You just don't see it because Frank is a tough dude and didn't go down. It's a perception deal.

    Case in point Gonzaga vs Cro Cop...Gonzaga landed a monster roundhouse that put Cro Cop out like a light. This demonstrated that Gonzaga has knock out power in his legs.

    He landed the very same kick on Randy 'the natural' couture and he just walked right through it.

    That's just how it goes when you fight a tough fighter.
  16. Patrick_baji

    Patrick_baji Valued Member

    ok now after beating frank does anyone at all think cung could give anderson silva a good fight?
  17. Kwan Jang

    Kwan Jang Valued Member

    It would depend on how well Cung controls the set point in the fight. He is good at using his kicks to do so, but I think he needs a bit more MMA experience before he would be ready to beat Silva. If the fight were to happen at this point, it would be interesting to see Silva's Thai clinch game vs. Cung's throws from the clinch.
  18. SirVill

    SirVill Valued Member

    Was loving the San Shou style "grab the leg, kick the supporting leg" for the takedown... beautiful.
  19. Flinty

    Flinty aspiring nak muay

    I love how Shamrock invited Cung to go down with him and he passed. LOL The guys showed alot of showmanship...i guess lol Oh and i loved it when cung knocked the mouthpiece outta franks mouth and how he pointed at it with that little smirk like he wanted to say "you better go get that" or somthin...lmao
  20. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    So now the questions are:

    1) Will they rematch? Anyone know if it was it part of the contract of this bout to have a rematch?:confused:

    2) After Frank Shamrock... who is Cung's next opponent going to be? Will he turn it up a notch? Will he take on a fighter who's in better form and at an fresher spot in their career curve than Frank was?:confused:

    Post up who you think he should fight next.

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