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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by spawn2031, Jan 20, 2020.

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    I tell ya what, it takes getting back into MA to remind you of the different injuries and such that you sustained and learned to "Live With" over the years. You guys already know from my previous posts about my flexibility issues in my hips which I am slowly working on. I also have some real bad flexibility in my right wrist that was caused by a work related injury. Basically I pushed my hand too far about 5 years ago and caused my hand to completely freak out, swell up and be in such excruciating pain that I couldn't even really use it. I did go to the Dr to have it looked at and all he told me to do was to let it rest and take naproxen. I am in a very small town and have a very limited medical community available to me, needless to say, it was very evident that was I wasn't going to get the care that I needed to get back to 100% after 6 months of this and the Dr just kept telling me.. just stretch, you'll be fine. The Dr. wasn't interested in fixing the problem, just addressing the pain from it. I had symptoms of both carpal tunnel and D'quervians (sp?) tendinitis... so I followed everything on the net I could to try and recover (and stretch) from those injuries.

    Ok, so that's the back story... fast forward about 5 years and most of the pain is gone and I can finally use the hand without any fear of a relapse in the pain but if you can imagine pulling your hand back into the position needed for a palm heel strike, if a good position is about an 85 degree angle relative to my wrist, my bad hand can only pull back about 30 degrees. I keep stretching all the time and after awhile, the stretching starts to hurt but I never make any additional gains towards my original range of motion.

    After reading what I have regarding how to increase my RoM in my hips, I am assuming that I may have the same issues in this wrist. I know that I lost a lot of strength in that hand. I couldn't use it properly for a couple years probably. So, I'm looking to you guys to see if I should adopt a similar training routine just for my wrist alone. Do I just keep working wrist strengthening exercises for awhile and then go back to flexibility there? I'm thinking that is the key but I also dont want to take any chances on doing things wrong and regressing my hand.
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    Hi, I think you need a Dr for a correct diagnosis. If you weren't happy with the last one, find a new one. Diagnosing treatment in this case would be irresponsible of us here on MAP. How can we suggest what to do if you aren't even sure what the issue is?

    Wishing you all the best. Keep us posted on how it goes. :)
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    I completely agree with you and would if I could. The doctors in this area are so overworked that they dont take the time to actually help the patients anymore (at least I hope that's the reasoning). Oh you have a pain in "X" area... here, take these meds until it goes away. I actually had to suggest physical therapy to the Dr. myself which he decided against and continued to just give me the same stretching handouts for carpal tunnel. Unfortunately I am on my own on this one. I know that may seem very odd to you if you've never lived in an area like this, but that's just how it is here. There isn't a second opinion to be had within hours of here that my insurance will let me use.

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