chronic pain after any activity for 4-6 days

Discussion in 'Injuries and Prevention' started by jroe52, May 7, 2015.

  1. jroe52

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    Hello, I have neuropathy to give some background and have gained about 50 pounds since falling in a ski accident about 9 years ago (had right labrum/labral tear surgery). Afterwards carpal like pain started, neck pain, shoulder etc. What has helped is qigong, yoga and my wing chun. I also have a degenerated lower disc. I have tried all supplements under the son in the last few years which has helped reduce "numbness" and in some cases pain.

    In the last 3-5 years physical activity however leaves me sore and unable to continue workouts. If I do light kettle bells, I may have 3-4 days of recovery.

    Anywho when I do yard work/gardening or any heavy lifting, I'm going on day four of extreme pain in my legs (sore muscles). I have kept up a whey shake a day and a normal diet.

    I'm a highlight flexible overweight person, I can normally palm the floor , touch my toes etc. When I do I have this muscle pain, my stretching ability is halved.

    I forgot to use my myco roller and will try that tonight. heat, baths, supplements, etc dont seem to help. any other ideas?
    (I also was extremely sick with fever for 2 weeks, am over it now with antibiotics but I feel like it has set me back a ton. Whenever I am sick/pain it always sets me back).
  2. holyheadjch

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    What does your doctor say about the increased recovery time?
  3. jroe52

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    I havn't had much success in 4+ years of going to the doc other than "do physical therapy" which I do daily in addition to qigong/yoga. They have had success of at least 15k of my money lol. (mri, ct scans etc). I had to stop the prescriptions since they tried "seizure medications" which did nothing for me other than feel like crud. I'm not a big fan of my former employer wanting to improve my health.

    I have tried doubling my water since I'm a big guy (275#). I know I need to lose weight. I feel stuck >> exorcize > extreme pain > lazy > gain weight > exorcize > pain > lazy > gain weight.

    one script that has helped me at work is voltaren gel for hand/wrist pain, other than than that, I havn't had much improvement in my health.
  4. holyheadjch

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    Have you seen an actual physiotherapist?

    Weight is lost in the kitchen, not in the gym. Dropping those 50lbs might go a long way to fixing your problems.
  5. jroe52

    jroe52 Valued Member

    I agree, I have been eating better since the baby was born :)

    need to start dropping the weight though.
  6. Devley

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    Look into these blood flow stimulation wraps. When used before working out it will help warm up the area and provide some extra lubrication to the joints. Looks like you have tried a lot. Worth a look, just a suggestion. These wraps are a natural, non invasive way of getting the blood flowing. It may help. Let me know if you have any questions about them. I have used them for Carpal tunnel with great success.
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    You first stated what helped was "qigong, yoga and wing chun". If this helped, why not still do these? These methods are often mis-taught, mis-practiced, and misconstrued as highly regarded methods of body maintenance. If you were taught "proper" qigong and yoga, you should not be having too many issues

    Then you tried all "supplements under the sun". A "supplement" is not intended to be a cure to help a problem. A "supplement" is something added, not something to solely rely on

    Also, you stated; "I have kept up a whey shake a day and a normal diet." If you really has adhere to this, you should not be overweight.

    Antibiotics does not cure fever.

    As others have suggested, seek out a doctor (and perhaps a nutritionist) befored doing anything else.
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  8. Dead_pool

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    Drop the extra calories, if you can't decrease the diet, drop the shake.

    Having less weight through your damaged spine, will help loads, but you also have to adjust your lifting etc to take the strain off your spine.
    It's likely your core is weak too, get to a physio.

    Edit, dude your 275 pounds with a disc issue and neuropathy, if meds aren't helping the pain, your only option is loose the weight, 275 is alot of weight to be putting through your damaged spine, eat less, do more , specifically exercises that don't agravate your spine, swimming is ideal, heavy weights not so much untill your drop your excess weight.
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  9. Hortone2321

    Hortone2321 New Member

    If possible, try to consult a good surgeons and get an idea regarding the pain.
  10. HairoNoSora

    HairoNoSora Valued Member

    I echo the sentiment that weightloss is essential here, it might not solve all your problems but all that weight strains your body and it certainly at least aggravates the issue.

    If training is not a possibility, just track calories man. You can eat a lot and still lose weight as long as you stay away from junky foods, you just need a deficiet of about 200-300 kcal and you'll lose weight steadily. If that doesnt work after a week or two, drop another 100 or 200.

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