Any tips to recover from a ligament tear

Discussion in 'Injuries and Prevention' started by brisrocket, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. brisrocket

    brisrocket Taekwondo instructor in Brisbane Australia

    Looking to hear your experiences, tips and tricks with recovering from torn ankle ligaments.

    Last week, I rolled my ankle (heard cracking and felt a heap of pain). Scans show a grade 2 sprain (moderate ligament tearing) to the ATL (refer ankle ligament diagram).

    I know I'll need to be off training for a while, but want to get the best possible outcome for repair and restoring abilities, movement, strength and speed.

    I'm elevating, taking anti-inflamatories, strapping when using it and practising balancing and minimal movements while avoiding any pain (all this advised by my physio).

    I'd love to hear your experiences & tips please :)
  2. querist

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    First, talk to your doctor. I am a doctor, but I'm not YOUR doctor. Your doctor is much more familiar with your case than I can ever be over the Internet.


    With any ligament tear, you are looking at several MONTHS recovery time because ligaments do not have the generous blood supply that muscles have. The advice that your physiotherapist gave you is sound, but in my opinion is lacking some important information. I trust that your physiotherapist gave you some exercises to perform to strengthen the muscles that help stabilize and support the ankle. Do those exercises EXACTLY as instructed.

    You should know the difference between 'real' pain from damage and the 'burn' you feel when working muscles hard (caused by lactic acid buildup in the anaerobic energy cycle). STOP on 'real' pain. Don't try to "push through it" or any other such nonsense. "Real" pain means that damage has already happened.

    If your physio did not give you exercises yet, ask why.
  3. philosoraptor

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    I most just drank a lot and watched Spongebob and things turned out ok.
  4. Nojon

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  5. brisrocket

    brisrocket Taekwondo instructor in Brisbane Australia

    , good advice. I had all the appropriate scans and advice from the doc.

    My physio did give me exercises and an estimated timeframe to recover similar to your indications.

    funny mate. But seriously... I am coming off an intense training regiment and going backward is a big fear of mine. I know it's unavoidable, but I'd like to minimize the extent.
    Apart from maintaining a healthy diet, I am wondering if anybody has other suggestions. I'm focusing on upper body strength training while I recover. That's keeping me kind of sane, but am frustrated not working on kicks, cardio or agility...
  6. philosoraptor

    philosoraptor carnivore in a top hat Supporter

    You might be able to erg or something, I dunno. I'd talk to your doctor and seriously just try to take it easy. The more you push it, the more likely you are to turn it into something that will crop up again and again in your training. I understand the urge to try and minimize the extent of skill loss, but, as you said, it's unavoidable, so you might as well catch up on the X-files or whatever and drink some fine wine.
  7. kmorrisonnyc

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    Hi @brisrocket

    I wondered if you had any update on how the healing process went for you.

    I tore (snapped) my ankle ligaments in 2008 and had surgery in 2011 but the ankle has never been the same and was looking into some of the taping solutions. Was interested (and thought some others might be too) to see how your ligaments are a year or so later.

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    So he hasn't been here in a year, unlikely that you will raise his interest...

    necromancy rarely leads to good things....

    :' S

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    we should just play this song every time someone necro's a thread older than a year.

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