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Discussion in 'MMA' started by WhitePanda, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. WhitePanda

    WhitePanda A hero for fun.

    I have a lot of time on my hands right now so that is not a problem. My main concern is that I'm really out of shape. I would like to eventually get in the ring. I'm 34 in a few months and would like to get into the ring before I get too old to compete. I'm not looking to become the next UFC champion or anything. It's been years since I practised any martial arts, I don't want to look back on my life and wonder what if. How long can I expect to train before I can get into the ring? Is there anything I should be aware of as a beginner?
  2. aikiMac

    aikiMac boxing is fun Moderator Supporter

    As long as it takes.

    It's a marathon, not a sprint. You didn't get out of shape in one day or one week. You won't get back into shape in one day or one week, either. Just do a little bit every other day. A little bit every other day. A little bit every other day. And then a little bit more. And then 4 days out of 7 for a whole month. And then 5 out of 7 for a whole month.
  3. Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink Valued Member

    Competing in MMA is pretty intense. You have the amateurs and the pros so you also have to decide what you want to try.

    What's your previous experience?
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  4. WhitePanda

    WhitePanda A hero for fun.

    I just want to try amateur. If that goes well, then who knows. I dabbled in various martial arts over the years but because I moved a lot I couldn't go far in any of them. I'm not moving again so I would like to do this sport. I think it will be a good way to keep myself motivated to keep in shape.
  5. Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink Valued Member

    Well join a gym and get started. State your goals and they will tell you what you need to do.
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  6. WhitePanda

    WhitePanda A hero for fun.

    Thanks! I'm heading to an xtreme couture gym that is near my place in Toronto. It looks pretty good from what I saw online.
  7. Mushroom

    Mushroom Goes well with everything Moderator Supporter

    Great start already in finding a decent gym. And also they may know where there is a amateur comp / inter-camp to enter you in.
    And your previous MA training/experience will kick in and help you physically.
  8. Rataca100

    Rataca100 Valued Member

    How out of shape? Because im 100+ Kilos and dont regular exercise and only just started doing my outside "regime" yesterday after about a month or two break. Also, hand cramp is a pain, that is one of the most obnoxious pains i get/have is hand cramp, no matter what its from.
  9. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    it sounds like you are on the right path already :)
    your coach should be able to determine the time scale after a few months based on your fitness and work ethic.
  10. WhitePanda

    WhitePanda A hero for fun.

    I have about 30 kg to lose. I'm really looking forward to getting the weight off.
  11. Rataca100

    Rataca100 Valued Member

    I like my weight, its my only redeeming martial factor. :p Just annoying that it all fat and gets annoying sometimes.

    By the way i am in a similar boat, but i am younger and i mean "unfit" is a broad term.
  12. Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink Valued Member

    Panda decided a few days ago that he wants to train. He's already found a gym and he's probably going to start within the month. You need to follow his example man. No more excuses.
  13. WhitePanda

    WhitePanda A hero for fun.

    Think of all the redeeming attributes you'll have when you get into shape. As for the hand cramps, you just have to push through it and build up hand strength and flexibility. Trust me, I play guitar.
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  14. Mushroom

    Mushroom Goes well with everything Moderator Supporter

    I lost 10kg in 2 weeks last month for a comp. No dehydration involved but I was doing silly stuff like going under my kcal intake of 1200 a day sometimes.
    (95kg > 85kg)
    25g carbs (about 2-3 slices of bread) and as many leafy greens as you want.

    What helped was (and I mentioned in Dan Bian's thread of Journey into Spandex - sorry for technically cross posting) but diet is your worst / best ally. I would say you probably won't need to go into what I did as I had a 2 week cut. But research and try out what probably works for you.

    I don't know what your cooking skills are like, but that is a tremendous help because then you know what is going in.

    I am a NOTORIOUS snacker. @Simon can attest to that via my instagram, but slowly cut that stuff out.

    So as I mentioned before

    Week 1: Crisps
    Week 2: Crisps and Soft drinks
    etc etc

    I am not an expert on nutrition, its simply what I have found to work for me. Your Cardio will be your MA training but adding in stuff like HIIT etc will help.
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  15. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    A lot of places now do white collar mma fights for charity those or interclubs can be a good way to start. As for losing 30kgs just training will help, find something sustainable that works for you In the long run, for me it was 5:2 meant I could still eat what I like 5 days a week which mentally helped
  16. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Personally, I think training alone is overrated when it comes to losing weight.
    The main place to lose weight is the kitchen, in my opinion.
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  17. Rataca100

    Rataca100 Valued Member

    Panda can easily go to a MMA gym. (the fear of all tradtional martial artists) I have two TKD's to choose from, and a Boxing which has been uprooted and a Chinese kickboxing. But anyway i am going to start doing TKD again. :p I am not mentioning the "MMA" that was in my town. Mc dojo, leaving it at that.

    If i pick anything up i will leave it here.

    Also, i will have you know @Mushroom, Crisps and softdrink are the staple diet of any martial artists. :p (or at least soft drink, crisps get meh fast)
  18. WhitePanda

    WhitePanda A hero for fun.

    As far getting in shape goes, any of those styles would do.
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  19. Morik

    Morik Valued Member

    I started training MA again after a very long break (decades) at 315 lbs (21 stone, 140+kg), a little over a year ago. It was rough but after a few weeks I was keeping up better in classes.
    The hardest part for me is when I fall out of rhythm, haven't been to class, and then it gets really hard again.

    So the best advice I can give (to both you & myself) is to make sure to go at least a little bit to class even if you are really busy. Even just 1 class a week will keep your conditioning alive much better than 0 classes a week.
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  20. WhitePanda

    WhitePanda A hero for fun.

    Went to the gym today and did an introduction interview, I start training tomorrow and meet with the owner on Monday to get an assessment done. The gym was fantastic. I don't think I've seen an MA gym that big before. I cannot wait to get going.
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