Nishio Aikido (Iaido) videos that demonstrate bokken work (solo, and with a partner)

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    Greetings everyone,

    Since I started with Aikido 2 years ago, I am indebted to you all for previously helping me through my growing pains of various sorts of Aikido questions that I have had throughout this time, which I greatly thank you all for.

    Unfortunately, my one and only Aikido sensei for the last 2 years, because he is moving out-of-state, is, therefore, effective last month, no longer offering Aikido. I found him to be very proficient in the art of Aikido, as well as personable and patient with me. I will miss him.

    This week I was forced to find another aikido dojo in the area, which I did. This new sensei seems articulate, professional, knowledgeable, as well as definitely skilled, and I must say, also very personable like my previous instructor. This new instructor very much advocates teaching aikido (as well as iaido) with bokken and jo (in addition to empty hands), even to beginners (such as me), which is fine with me.

    My previous sensei did very little bokken and jo work with we students. Be that as it may.

    This new instructor states that we are learning Nishio Aikido (along with iaido) which I understand as being based upon Sensei Nishio’s methodology of being able to employ the sword (bokken) for executing all the various aikido techniques. Many of you are much more familiar with this than I am.

    I now learning the aikido techniques with bokken in hand from a new instructor, this being a relatively new set-up for me, I am finding this to be a challenge. So that I can get better, more up to speed, before our class meets again next week, I wish to do some homework in the meantime. However, when I go to practice with either my bokken or jo within my home, I am having some difficulty recalling what we did with the bokken and jo in our last class this past week.

    I vaguely recall this week where the instructor demonstrated the technique/drill/kata (?), whatever it is referred to, while simultaneously having us all line up behind her, so that we would then follow along with her, we all doing the movements at the same time as she was doing them. However, this drill (or kata?) required us, at some point, to turn around (pivot on our feet) to subsequently be facing the opposite direction away from the instructor and to then continue the rest of this drill or kata. It being somewhat awkward of me to turn around to be able to watch the instructor, while simultaneously still continue to do the kata (although I did in fact try to turn my head to see), I therefore didn’t see it all.

    I asked another student after class if he knew of some, for instance, good YouTube videos that I could reference between now and the next class scheduled for next week. He suggested that I do a search on the words, “nishio ryu”, “kiriage”, “ukenagashi”.

    Upon doing so, I am finding a large list of several different videos that are returned to me, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. For instance, many of these videos having a substantial run time, not really knowing where to begin, I would prefer not to have to go through and review all of them just to find the small bits and pieces that our class did in my last aikido class this week.

    Therefore, if I could please, I would like to ask you all here on our fantastic MAP forum if you can direct me to a video(s) that shows:

    1. An aikido practitioner doing the kata for ikkyu, with bokken in hand, by himself (or herself) alone, as well as also with a partner (uke).
    2. An aikido practitioner doing the kata for nikkyu, with bokken in hand, by himself alone, as well as also with a partner (uke).
    3. An aikido practitioner doing the kata for shihonage, with bokken in hand, by himself alone, as well as also with a partner (uke).
    4. “Finishing Cut”. This is where, from what I saw from my perspective, the aikido practitioner jumps up a little and then subsequently lands on the ground in a deep squat position while simultaneously moving their bokken in an overhead strike, as if they wished to cut something on a low table in front of them. We did this at the very end of class. Therefore, I was not able to ascertain any further information as to how I can refine for myself how to be able to better do this.
    5. Uke, in Migi Hanmi (right foot forward), steps forward with left foot and right foot to make an overhead strike against Nage. Nage steps to the side to avoid, and then strikes Uke to the right collar bone, then brings his left hand up to support the bokken (left hand is holding up the bokken on the side of the blade), as he then withdraws the bokken with his right hand and swings it around to hit uke on the left side of the base of the neck. Then from here, Nage withdraws by taking one step back with his left leg while simultaneously sliding the blade down Uke's torso.

    Thank you very much for any possible help anyone can give to me.

    The best to all for a wonderful, joyous, healthy, and prosperous new year!

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    Check out the "good aikido videos" thread. There's a video on there that is dear to my heart.q

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