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    Hey all,I have recently moved and left my muay thai gym.I have found a bujinkan school 10 minutes walk away from my home.
    It feels like im switching a gun for a bat.Anyone here ever used their taijutsu in a real conflict before?
    Reading some experiences will make me feel a bit better.
    Thank you.
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    Can you please expand on this as it COULD be taken the wrong way.

    As for real life experiences, I'm sorry to say a few times a fight has been unavoidable but apart from a ripped shirt no damage on my part.

    One situation, gladly years ago now, I was walking home with a friend and two females we had made friends with :) and a couple of lads joined us, we all had been drinking, far too much I'd say in reflection.

    We were planning to go back for a party to our new friends place.One of the lads got quite abusive, my friend told me this, the night was quite hazy, thats stella for you.

    One of the lads apparentley boosted he had a knife, my mate heard this and turn round, to see this guy wtih his arm round my shoulders, his other hand inside his pocket, then the next thing my mate could make out was this guy flying head over heels into the wall next to me and just sliding down in a heap against the wall. So as far as I'm concerned it worked when i needed it.

    but the real Ninjutsu works without needing to resort to fighting, time and training with teach you that.

    As far as i'm concern everything a person needs is contained within the art but it takes time, I've been training 1990-1994 2000-present and everytime you think you got an element of it sorted another level 'pops' up.

    really is enough stuff to last several lifetimes!

    Any specific questions just PM me or indeed if you local pop down the dojo.



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