Do you have a root?

Discussion in 'Chinese Martial Arts Articles' started by futsaowingchun, May 4, 2009.

  1. BrendanCassidy

    BrendanCassidy Valued Member

    If you can imagine a root..then it exists to some extent..

    And then you can use it as power...based on your belief..and knowledge of what a root is..!
  2. wonglongwingchu

    wonglongwingchu Valued Member

    agree to a certain point

    Always improve the basics, but if you stay on it too long it's not going to do you much good
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  3. BrendanCassidy

    BrendanCassidy Valued Member

    Basics...are always good..but even roots can grow!
  4. BrendanCassidy

    BrendanCassidy Valued Member

    Root's are true..I don't think there would be one person who doesn't have a root in some respect or another? Specifically a root could be anything at all...if your thinking metaphorically...

    But if your thinking concrete..than Yeah Root's exist..

    I have one too..yes I do indeed!

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