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    Hi all,
    I've recently been reading up on the more 'obscure' Neijia styles, particularly Ziranmen, or Natural Boxing.

    Is there anyone on MAP who is familiar with this style, or actually practices?

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    The only person I know of that practices Ziranmen would be Serge Augier. He's written quite bit about the internal arts including quite a large section on Ziranmen in the beginning of Alex Kozma's new book 'Warrior Guards The Mountain'. Definitely worth reading. He's got a website set up under the title 'Urban Taoist' and is based in Paris.
    There are currently two people that I am looking to train with at the moment. One of them is a student of Serge - Alex Kozma and the second is Serge himself.
    Both guys really seem to know their stuff!
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    I gave this set to a friend practicing MMA who was looking for a perspective on the "internal" side of things. Granted, I bought it elsewhere at a much lower price; as much as I love the info on PlumPub their prices are twice what I paid.


    I have not practiced it but I can see that it has some very interesting aspects to it. Some of the standing exercises almost reminded me of Aunkai's tenchijin. I think the closest instructor to me here in the States is in Texas. Although Serge Augier is supposed to be in San Francisco soon I don't think I can afford to pay a visit while he's in town. :(
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