Zahng Zhuang

Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by Green Destiny, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. Green Destiny

    Green Destiny New Member

    Hi just wondered if anyone has practiced this syyle of internal martial arts, if so how does it differ from your own and what does the chi feel like when doing this type of QI Kung?

    Green Destiny
  2. Guo_Xing_Yi

    Guo_Xing_Yi Valued Member

    It feels like any other qi gong. What it feels like to YOU is something YOU have to find out :)
  3. gerard

    gerard Valued Member

    This energy work is very good as a IMA foundation. Focus on it most of your training until you are able to move qi around with your Yi. It takes around 5-10 years of mostly daily dedication to reach that level depending on your inherited qi (genetics), diet, sex habits, air you breathe and lifestyle.

  4. Shadowdh

    Shadowdh Seeker of Knowledge

    I find it is very good for posture and learning to feel the body and release/relax tension in the body... also good for the mind...
  5. Wanderer

    Wanderer Valued Member

  6. cheesypeas

    cheesypeas Moved on

    I spent four years practicing zhang zhuang (and yang short form) daily and was always amazed by how powerful it was, right from the beginning.

    Suddenly my teacher 'disappeared'. :bang:

    I then began learning yang long form taiji quan butterfly variation and stopped practicing zhang zhuang. Recently, after studying for three years + I am experiencing the same pheonomina when practicing my form as I did when intensively training zhang zhuang.

    Which goes to prove there is more than one way around the circle. :)
  7. Jeffrey Quinn

    Jeffrey Quinn Valued Member

    Zhan zhuang (literally "standing on posts") is a pretty generic term for any kind of static standing exercises. The most famous is associated with Xingyi. You might also hear the term Zhuangbu, which literally means "post steps", and also means static standing exercises.

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