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Discussion in 'Western Martial Arts' started by Louie, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Louie

    Louie STUNT DAD Supporter

    Hi all...

    The dangers of not wearing a mask - or having your colleague wear an Orc mask!!! :rolleyes:

    This is a montage of demo swordfights by Elanor, a Belgian Lord Of The Rings fanclub. It took place at FACTS conventions at Ghent, Belgium.
    - Including the one that went wrong!

    Apparently the unfortunate victim is ok! :confused:


  2. RAbid Hamster

    RAbid Hamster Herr Trubelmacher

    thats a badly trainer ranger to lose a fight to ONE orc!

    good example of sprechfenster from the orc though. Who would have thought that Sauron/Saruman would have taken the time to train his minions in classical german swordsmanship!
  3. Langenschwert

    Langenschwert Molon Labe

    That's what lack of proper training and/or judgement will get you. Yup, I'm in a bind, and I'm gonna thrust to my opponent's unprotected face. What could possibly go wrong?

    This is a far cry from the control displayed by ARMA Senior Free Scholars and Jogo do Pau practicioners.

    However, it does show how little a strike is needed to end a fight. ;)

    Best regards,

  4. RAbid Hamster

    RAbid Hamster Herr Trubelmacher

    SSssssHHHHh! lets not mention arma ... its like magic - Mention arma, Ran turns up and then theres an argument! ;)
  5. Louie

    Louie STUNT DAD Supporter

    The demo highlights why such a simple but effective technique is missing from the unmasked ARMA freeplay demo - it can end a fight in seconds!

  6. RAbid Hamster

    RAbid Hamster Herr Trubelmacher

    actually Louie ... doesn't that discredit the whole arma display? They left out a major part of reacting to the Fuhlen with a thrust to body/face from the bind thus they are just doing stage combat with a limited series of moves/cuts.
    Wear a mask & do it right!
  7. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear Moved on

    1600N protection! For when you absolutely positively want to go home with your face intact.

    The Bear.
  8. Langenschwert

    Langenschwert Molon Labe


    It's like saying "MacBeth" in a theatre, innit?


    Yes, the unarmoured display from ...ARMA... takes great pains to be safe. Like any martial training, it isn't the "real thing" we call combat.

    The display in question in this thread shows no such control. Only asshattery (can I use that word here? ;)) in the extreme.

    Very best regards,

  9. RAbid Hamster

    RAbid Hamster Herr Trubelmacher

    ... but isnt from bind where 75% of german technique is? The approach is just setting your opponent up. You swing, he blocks and you zucken or abnehmen or schnappen or winden into your opponents face/upper body via fuhlen ... all of which is left out of a..r..m..a's :p drill.
    For all the fact the orc shoved the sword in his mates face ... dangerous yes but he did do it right. He was strong at the sword, forced his opponents blade down, pivoted at the bind (into pflug) and pushed the point in! That was the 7/8th winden I think.
    Technically its supposed to be dangerous (its not ballroom dancing) thus you need to wear a 1600N mask when doing opposed drills or sparring or full freeplay.

    ps: ahh the scottish play!
  10. Ran Pleasant

    Ran Pleasant Valued Member

    Please stop the trolling.
  11. RAbid Hamster

    RAbid Hamster Herr Trubelmacher

    cant you tell when the p!ss is being taken?

    But on the subject of 'trolling' ... Each and every time you join in a thread its to complain about something. Lets take the Roger Siggs thread. You accused us of 'making a hero of him' when not one person had done so. You tried to pick a fight where there was none. Not one person agreed with you on that thread. Isnt that trolling?
    What I was doing above was humourous and Langenschwert and I got a smile out of. If every time you appear, you complain ... you are going to be mocked. Also you might check out this entire forum ... it tends to the irreverent ... dont expect to be treated differently.
  12. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear Moved on

    He he he, I don't think he has the Glaswegian sense of humour down yet.

    The Bear.
  13. Stolenbjorn

    Stolenbjorn Valued Member

    :topic: PLEACE; can we stop pestering Ran?
    I don't know the fella, and I haven't agreed with him in much of what he's posted so far, and I don't know if there's any grudges going around that I don't know about.

    -But one of the reasons why I prefere MAPforum to most other forums, is the fact that we can discuss katana cutting of machinegun-barrels without getting personal about it....
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2008
  14. Louie

    Louie STUNT DAD Supporter

    Reverent Topic

    Okay Gentlemen....

    Before this descends into being totaly irreverent - which is not how this thread should end :love: - Some very interesting issues have been raised regarding training, safety, armour, technique, freeplay, etc,.

    Ran, do you yourself train at speed without a mask? Is it part of the ARMA syllabus? Or was the Freeplay video just a display?

    I'd also be interested in your comments on the relevant parts of this discussion so far....


  15. Stolenbjorn

    Stolenbjorn Valued Member

    As for the video, I hope the first fight shown was a warm up, it was pretty slow and dull. It looks kind of stupid to aim for a spot on the floor where the opponent haven't been for the past seconds....

    This looked like a show fight with people doing choreographed stuff, and then somthing went wrong. One of the advantages with coreographed fighting, is that you can speed up a bit; the problem is when somthing goes wrong. The orc did have some pretty hard swings that went into the rangers sword prior to the thrust, and I bet that if the ranger for some reason failed to have his sword at the right spot on those occations, the orc wouldn't have been able to stop the baseballbat-swings to the head.

    I guess that they had agreed that the orc should thrust, and then the ranger failed his planned deflection, or the orc strayed of the agreed fight plan :p
    -or the orcs mascara messed up his perception :Alien:

    I've done somthing similaily stupid once, but that was not a coreographed fight, and we used wooden swords (thank god!), so when I failed to stop an "uberhau" to my eye, I could keep up the show, making sure that my black eye was away from the public. My partner realised that I was injured, and closed in on me and used me as a rag doll to demonstrate ringen :p
  16. Incredible Bulk

    Incredible Bulk Eat-Lift-Eat-Sleep-Grow

    LOL - bless the little larpers
  17. RAbid Hamster

    RAbid Hamster Herr Trubelmacher

    Sorry Louie, was being humourous ... again. Will be serious for a bit. :Angel: Honest.

    no axe to grind, just haven't liked the way Ran has posted. Its not in my nature to flame ... however it is in my nature for humour! I almost demand it in my class. WMA can be serious but we should have a laff!
    I agree, I like this forum because, in the main, we aren't touchy and when the mickey gets taken almost everyone replies in a similar vein.
  18. lklawson

    lklawson Valued Member

    These guys desperately need a course in Stage Combat. I can recommend at least 3 people off the top of my head and, on top of that, a fair number of colleges have a Stage Combat course available.

    Peace favor your sword,
  19. february

    february Valued Member

    LOL - and bless the little Orcs show of compassion toward his unfortunate victim there at the end. Very un-Orc like if you ask me.
  20. Langenschwert

    Langenschwert Molon Labe

    Indeed. This is a pretty casual forum here, and we've all decided to get along, regardless of what we think of each other or their training regimens or interpretations.

    You see, I like ARMA. I think they do great stuff, and Ran contributes thoughtful posts at the ARMA forum where I lurk every day. I think Ran is a little defensive when he comes here, perhaps because he's expecting an anti-ARMA sentiment here, which there isn't. However, there are fora where ARMA folks get a chilly reception. Once bitten, twice shy and all that.

    I think rule #1 of the MAP WMA forum ought to be: "Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to wear their Cranky Pants"

    So back to the topic at hand... I for one would like to know what the parameters are for ARMA freeplay are without masks. Care to elaborate on this, Ran?

    Best regards,


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