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Discussion in 'Disabled Martial Artists' started by ProfIkeBear, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. ProfIkeBear

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    I am an instructor in St. Louis, MO and we train anyone who wants to train and has the right attitude. I work with special olympics, cancer survivors and paraplegics as well as blind kids. We don't focus on what you can't do, we help you develop what you can do. I have learned a tremendous amount myself since we've started this program.
    I got started working with people with physical disabilities in 1987 at a VA Hospital. I worked basic self-defense with paraplegics. Even seated I was not relating to their situation because I still had hip movement.I went back to the training hall and had my students fasten me into a chair duct taping my waist so I did not have any of this movement to rely on. I then had to rethink striking and grappling strategies and we developed some things that worked. A year later I also worked with Special Olypics and Missouri School for the Blind. It was more rewarding making a diference than all my other martial arts achievements put together.
    With the blind kids I usually work chi sao and other sensitivity and flow drills. I help them find pressure points from contacting the initial limb that is extended towards them.
    Best to you all.
    Ike Bear, Black Dragon Kung-fu
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    PIB - I'm glad to see another instructor offering people with disabilities real applicable training and techniques. I know what you mean when talking about self defense while seated. I have CP, but I am still on my feet, and as you said have much more movement to rely on. I also put myself in their position and went from there. I've tried to do the same with my other students and their situations as well. So far I am having some wonderful success. I wish you the best, and continued success.
  3. ProfIkeBear

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    Martial Brother

    Although I have done this for sometime, I am a constant state of learning how to improve and appreciate any tips you may offer from personal findings. I will likewise be happy to share both successes and failures in this area. Also any info on your program I will be happy to distribute so more people become aware that there are those of us who do this. In Missouri we have an organization called Missouri Recreation Council and they will sometimes help pay for classes and help place people with willing coaches/teachers. You might find some thing similar in your area that will be useful.
    Prof. Ike Bear ND DiplAc.
    Black Dragon Kung-fu Society :D
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    Martial Tradition

    PIB - I would be honored to exchange knowledge and ideas with you. I am currently working for an adult day training center. I teach 8 to 10 students 2 to 3 times weekly. Many of the individuals at the center have attended class sporadically. Each of them have unique needs and goals. Everyone has fun. My students have had success with diet, weight loss, mobility, cognitive ability, fitness, and confidence. I use Qi Gong techniques, forms training, kettlebell training, body weight exercises, aerobic exercise, traditional strength training, and Eastern philosophy to assemble a realistic and comprehensive martial arts experience for my students. I have two students who are making self defense the primary focus of their training. I have one student who recently expressed interest in a tournament. It is my hope that their dedication will inspire others, and their classes will continue to grow. I am currently looking into grants, and sponsorship for my program. At present there are some wonderful prospects, but nothing definite...yet. The city of Louisville is also building a fitness center for those with special needs. The future is looking bright. :)
  5. ProfIkeBear

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    Great program.

    It sounds as though you have a great program going and I hope the grant comes through for you. Grants are a tricky business and I get frustrated with all the political red tape. There is a whole game to writing them just so and there are people who make a living by writing them for people like you and I who put all the real heart and soul into the projects. Oh well not much we can do about beuracracy, so we do our best. :) .
    It is great to hear about the new facility. It's time we spent some of our taxes in this country. :cool: There are some agencies here that will pay part of someone's tuition under some severe circumstances and I often wave the rest. I am looking at starting an ongoing program for the blind.
    We may have some interesting case studies to share in the near future and I hope to keep in touch. I wish you all the best.
    Your friend and fellow instructor
    Prof. Ike Bear, Black Dragon Kung-fu :)
  6. Jeff Burger

    Jeff Burger Valued Member

    I did a Judo program for blinds kids years ago.
    Currently I have one private lessons student who is blind.

    I do most conditioning and grappling with him. The grappling is more self defense oriented and not sport stuff.
  7. g-bells

    g-bells Don't look up!

    God Bless you and best wishes to you and your school.
    it takes a special person to what your doning and you definately have my admiration :)
  8. BentMonk

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    I have a student who is losing his sight, and will eventually be blind. I am currently using basic push hands techniques with him. What types of sensitivity drills have worked for you and your student? Thanks.
  9. ProfIkeBear

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    When I did the program at the school for the blind, we used mostly judo style breakfalls and I would have them place a hand on my shoulder as I was next to them and we'd fall together to get past some of the natural fear of falling. Once they relaxed they were less likely to be injured if they fell in a real situation since they were not as stiff. Our chin na and shaui chiao are close cousins to judo and that served as the base of our training. I originally intended to train them mainly for self-defense but several of the students wanted to go further and so we did some contest type workouts and I was impressed. Peace, Ike
  10. ProfIkeBear

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    Push hands and sticking hands an in between wing chun and tai chi kind of thing to where they would 'read' the body marks just like a doctor of acupuncture. A good book on Chinese medicine will explain acupuncture 'inches' called cuns/tsuns. A cun is read according to a person's individual body demensions. A blind person particularly if they've had experience with brail can read these subtle body points along the arms by light touch with a little practice. This enables one to find nerve centers and chi points as well as apply locks. Thanks for comment, please let me know how it goes. Ike
  11. ProfIkeBear

    ProfIkeBear New Member

    Thank you for suportive comment.
    Ike Bear
  12. disabledhero

    disabledhero jab jab elbow jab knee

    ike bear i salute you buddy teach the disabled and i'll teach your kind lol your kind
  13. disabledhero

    disabledhero jab jab elbow jab knee

    But on a more serious note....

    you are pretty cool. Do you travel and promote events for the disabled?
  14. BentMonk

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    Good Info

    My student is beginning to learn Braille. Now I have another way to motivate him to study it a bit harder. :D Have you read, "A Tooth From The Tiger's Mouth" by Tom Bisio? It is excellent.
  15. ProfIkeBear

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    Tom Bisio

    Yes Tom Bisio is a friend. An excellent teacher and healer.
  16. ProfIkeBear

    ProfIkeBear New Member

    Right now I'm staying busy with what I do locally but I will travel if needed for a specific event or teaching clinic.
    Peace, Ike
  17. BentMonk

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    You travel in some awesome circles sir.
  18. Joshua Powell

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    I like what I see about your teaching. I was born with CP, and started with martial arts when I was around 6 years old, and I now teach it. The martial art I do is Kuk Sool Won.

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