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    Yaw-Yan Sibukan

    Greetings to all!
    As some of you know, Yaw-Yan(Sibukan) has reached Canada. By the leadership of Master Fred Garcia, we are growing in numbers, and reaching out to different race and religion. We now have a website and it can be found here: http://www.universalmixedmartialarts.com
    This is still under construction, so don't be surprised if some links are not working.
    I have only been practicing Yaw-Yan(sibukan) for only 8 months, and I find it very effective both standing up and on the ground. Most practitioners in our gym came from different dicipline, and all of us was looking for a more effective art, and found it. Some came from a jiujitsu background, boxing, and SanShou. I came from a Muay-Thai background, it taught me how to strike with power but Yaw-Yan taught me how to channel that power and be accurate.

    And yes, Master Fred kicked everyone's butt including yours truely. As young as we all are, we looked like old washed up guys whenever we sparr with him. We either get overwhelmed standing up or be submitted on the ground.

    Again, here's our website: http://www.universalmixedmartialarts.com
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    Wish you all the best of luck and well done on the web site. E-mail me the banner and I will post on my links page.

    Best regards

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    glad to hear that the sibukan chapter is in full swing right now. please extend our regards to Sir Fred. I will try to call him one of these days for some "kamustahan".
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    My Boring Story on how I got hooked on YawYan

    I first heard of Yaw-Yan back in 1994 when I was in the Philippines. My classmate told me a story of how 2 Yaw-Yan practitioners kicked 3 taekwondo practitioners' butt. He told me that he will one day join Yaw-Yan. 6 yrs later, when I was in college(Canada), I wanted to kill time since I was so bored at the computer Lab. I remembered that classmate of mine back in the Philippines who told me about yawyan. So I searched google, and there I saw www.yawyan.com. I learned about Grand Master Nap Fernandez and the Pride of Yaw-Yan, Emiliano Zapata. Then, 5 yrs later, I met a friend who practice Yaw-Yan and told me about Master Fred's gym. So I was interested, and 8 months later here I am, writting this boring story. I clicked that yawyan pasay blog, and that is the very first time I've seen Grand Master Nap Fernandez!
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    interesting MA

    Please don't double post
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    Just started Yaw yan and I must say FMA does rquire patience and dedication. for one to really see its true beauty, one must look outside the box and long term.
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    I remember those in 1983 in quezon bld. Yaw-Yan temple lots of sweats practice are intense but patience give you a nice kick.Happy holiday season and regards to GM Fernadez and to all my brothers in FMA. MABUHAY
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    cool! what is yaw-yan ardigma? i saw yaw yan somewhere in pasay, didnt get a chance to check it out though. maybe next time
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    ardigma, short for arnis pandigma, is GM Nap's new addition to Yaw-Yan. It's practice highly emphasize the conditioning of the arms and they are hardened like iron pipes for use as a substitute to sticks.
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    The Bolo punches are very similar to Choy Lee Fut arm strikes. Yaw-Yan is a good style. :)
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    Here's an update to this thread....

    Yaw-Yan Ardigma Makati won all their fights, 6-0, at the Cebu Ground and Pound Tournament last July 14, 2007. The event was held at the Cebu Coliseum.

    Here's something to get you guys interested - videos of the fights:

    Noble Ampoc, 1st RD KO from Scorpion Kick:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PwQbgEvaJA"]Yaw-Yan ArDigma Makati Ground&Pound Noble 1st rd KO - YouTube[/ame]

    JR Villagracia, 3rd RD KO from Knees and kick to the face :
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uEpZAaHlqI"]Yaw-Yan ArDigma Makati Ground&Pound Jr 3rd rd KO - YouTube[/ame]
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    only watched this one so far... but OUCH!!!!!!!
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    republiksyawyan..do you by any chance have a video of yaw yan..tnx..
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    First, look through this thread. There are lots of links to videos of Yawyan. Then use the search function for this forum. You'll find dozens of them. And then just hit Youtube. You'll find hundreds of them. Believe me. I've done this.

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    tetsujin, from what i remember, republiksyawyan is training under sir fred of yy canada. i've sent a couple of tournament videos to sir fred late last year. perhaps both of you can ask sir fred to show you those videos.
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    It is nice to get back in practice,I miss them so much... Mabuhay Kapatid

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