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  1. jameswhelan

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    Does Yagyu Seigo ryu omit chiburi?

  2. Kogusoku

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    Shinkage-ryu iai has no chiburui. It's not omitted, they just never had it in the first place. Just like Tatsumi-ryu, Sekiguchi-ryu, Shojitsu Kenri Kataichi-ryu and others.

  3. Dave Humm

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    How many ryu use the term chiburui rather than chiburi ?

    I've only heard the former used when attending MJER classes and never in MSR despite the later's origins with MJER.


  4. ludde

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    I vaguely remember somewhere someone mention that shinkage-ryu removed chiburi, because it does not work? Think it was at swordforum.com but I am not sure.
  5. fifthchamber

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    Although the Shojitsuken Rikataichi Ryu doesn't use a "振り" motion, it does contain a chiburi... Although it's just a holding of the sword, point down to let the blood pool at the tip and lose most of the "bits" there....It's not chiburi, as Steve says, but it's the same result through a slightly different process....

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd6C5RdUIhY"]YouTube - ‪Shojitsu Kenri Kata Ichi Ryu - 30th Nippon Kobudo Enbu‬‏[/ame]

    And yes, many schools omit chiburi because a shake of the blade alone does very little to remove the remaining meat/blood/bits....You can get a lot of it off...But the sword would still need to be cleaned properly when you had time...

    Indeed, Steve's own school Sosuishi Ryu use a form of Chiburi that I like that makes no pretence about what would have been needed...A "cloth" (not there for enbu) is pulled along the blade before noto is done..Great stuff...

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ks-FYjeZ_gI"]YouTube - ‪å¹³æˆï¼’2年亀戸香å–神社奉ç´æ¼”武 åŒæ°´åŸ·æµæ¸…漣館 Sousuishi ryu Seirenkan‬‏[/ame]

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    Even within a school it can vary, Mugai Ryu Iaido (which is related to the Hayashizaki lines of Iaido like Tamiya and MJER) has no chiburi on the seated versions but has a yoko chiburi on standing versions.
  7. Kogusoku

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    Chuburui is an older pronunciation of chiburi. 血振り

    It's like maai and it's older pronunciation, "mawai", it's still read with the same kanji which is 間合い

    A lot of my teachers still use archaic Japanese in conversation.

    As Ben has said, in Shojitsu Kenrikataichi-ryu and Sosuishi-ryu, the term isn't really chiburi/chiburui, it's chinugui (血拭い) and it's for very good reasons; After running an enemy through, it's extremely hard to discard all of the blood, bone and fecal matter from the blade. Much more practical to wipe it off. (Of course you don't use your fingers though!)

    I had several students last year have their first taste of tammy shaggery (thank you Scott!) and we used tenugui for chinugui.


    After two decent cuts on humans it was said that a sword was absolutely useless unless thoroughly cleaned. Some ryuha densho mention this in detail, but the number of humans vary.
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  8. ludde

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    Remember this one for some time back. The "looking for enemies with my scabbard and sword" thing is awesome.
  9. fifthchamber

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    It's also something done in Takeuchi Ryu...Interestingly enough...And we have several variations of it...For "multiple entry" as it were...

    Strangely enough, the ninja groups also have it.... ;-)
  10. ScottUK

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  11. Rennis

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    We have a few versions of it as well although most of them are regularly practiced anymore. One is pretty much what Shojitsu Kenri Kataichi-ryu does, but another is very unique to our ryu.

    Hoki-ryu also has no chiburi (although the stance before noto has been confused with chiburi by many in recent years). We do chinugui in much the same matter as Shojitsu Kenri Kataichi-ryu, which perhaps isn't so surprising as there was the founders were said to have known each other and worked together a bit.

    For what it's worth,
    Rennis Buchner

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