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Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by bigwoklun, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. bigwoklun

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    anyone ever train in wu shu kwan in Manchester UK in the 80's, under a guy named Graham A Phillips, 1st degree? I think he went on to create his own style called Gee Wei Shu. Anyone heard of him?
  2. Yes I'm still alive , not kicking as much as I did though, spent sometime in India managing a charity, I'm back now, in north Manchester , hoping that one day I can teach a class again, if and when the opportunity arises. Graham A Phillips ( Geeweishu )
  3. Paul Slosarczyk

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    Hey Graham, I trained with you on occasion in the early eighties at WSK on Claremont Rd. I also remember other Black Belts around at the time: Terry Kane, Bill Teiss, Chet Alexander, (Sugar) Ray?, and another Black belt instructor who used to run a class out of a church hall in Longsight. Where are they now I wonder? Loved the style and the comeradery. Do you still train/teach?
  4. Paul Slosarczyk

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    ...actually it was (Sugar) Joe Ray who ran the Longsight Class I seem to remember. There was another good fighter who ran a WSK class in Miles Platting and used to train with us in Bills class but I can’t remember his name...Paul? How come WSK disappeared from the Manchester scene?
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    Hi gents, was this the same Wu Shu Kwan found by C K Chang?
  6. Richard Evans

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    Hi new here

    I was at Claremont / princess road in the 80s . Loved the classes eat your heart out Bruce lee . Went on to teach myself later at uni. Didn’t know much about the style back then as I was young so any info would be great . I recall our instructor doing a demo kicking over people’s shoulders and landed with his legs apart resulting in a walking stick for some time. Anyone know who I’m talking about ? Thanks
  7. Chris Richardson

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    I found this forum while trying to locate Terry Caine (or is it Kane?), who was my instructor at Manchester Uni. I was his first student to get a black belt. I don't remember Graham Phillips. I remember Bill Teiss, Chet Alexander, and Ray extremely well. Yes, this style was founded by C.K. Chang, whom I also remember very well. His English wife, a real stunner, also got her black belt. I was an instructor myself for a short while in Barbados, where I first came across WSK as a schoolboy, and where it had a reasonably strong following.

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