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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by t3hd3adlyTKD, May 9, 2006.

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    I'm tired of TKD bashing as a TKD guy. But I want the kickboxing forum's honest opinions.

    Do you think that WTF TKD is any weaker or less effective than kickboxing or muay thai due to the nature of TKD's competition?

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    Back in the early days of TKD competition (WTF), it was more oriented towards KO's than points. As a fighter, you were looking for the KO, but would settle for winning on points and back in the day, you really had to displace the opponents body (trembling shock aka rock their world) to score a point. The lame rules about no head or face contact with the hands was the main difference between TKD and full contact/national rules in kickboxing back then and MANY early kickboxing/full contact champs came from a TKD background (espescially those who were fed up w/ the politics in TKD).

    Over the years, WTF TKD competition has mostly degenerated into a game of tag based on who can slap the hogu the fastest with their (sually poor form) round kick. To try to encourage kicking that is more "flashy" and hopefully viewer friendly, the rules have encouraged players to move away from what would be truly effective in a fight or in less restrained rules for full contact competition.

    I hold a master's rank in TKD, and have done well in both national and international competition. My critique is not from an outsider just bashing it. I do believe that TKD, if practiced more along the lines of it's more combative roots, as a system can still be very effective. I just feel that as a sport (and many schools and their practitioners), it has moved away from this. I also teach and train in MT and NHB, and I can tell you that both are far ahead of Olympic-style TKD as a full contact sport. The rules and objectives of both sports are much more along the lines of reality in a fight and these sports reflect that.
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    You may be experienced but I think you are very wrong when you suggest that WTF TKD sparring players do not kick hard. They kick very hard and fast. Sometimes it gets sloppy but they do manage to kick with a great deal of power. The recent WTF reforms are also helping them to get back on track.

    The kicks are definitely not "slappy".
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    Ermmm, maybe I'm being overly suspiscious but doesn't this kinda reek of trolling?
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    WTF TKD sparring seems to be like amateur boxing, in that the aim is to get the points, not necessarily wear the opponent down and knock him out with power punches. Which is why there is such a big step from amateur to pro boxing. Although TKD produces people who have powerfull kicking techniques, powerfull kicks are not neccassirily needed to win comps.
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    I will give WTF TKD the same amount of respect when (or should that be if) they are willing to fight under FC or MT rules.
    I for one would LOVE to put a good WTF stylist on my next show.
  8. Indeed... All opinions welcome, until you state one which disagrees with mine :p

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