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    I had not intended to do any editing right now. I was stuck on describing this character and thanks to Simon and now you, I have some good insights on how to describe scenes and people.

    Also this discussion has sparked a bit of creative conundrum. I was going to make her role a throw a away role. Now however I kind of want her to participate a bit in the story. So while she may not be a main character she may stay as a secondary character.

    All of this is just food for thought right now, as I am only writing one paragraph at a time. Only one scene at a time. What I have sketched out as the overall arch may in fact end up scrapped by the time I am done. Which to be honest I am ok with.
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    Decided to keep Catherine. Changes the whole story but in a good way.
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    Wrote some more last night and about to start more tonight.

    So good question here guys. What are the general parameters of moving forward in time? Say a few days or weeks or even months later? What rules have to be met first?
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    Up to 2000 words. Spent way to much describing the various settings of were he is. Described the gym, his car and now his apartment... All of which are important to the story.. Just feels like to much time detailing. However with those things described in detail now I can just gloss them later for a quicker experience.

    Im fast approaching yet another in depth physical description of a female. This one the S.O of the hero.(going to be ex as soon as I can establish the pattern of abuse.) Very different from Catherine. Were as Cat is Shorter and muscular, this one will be Tall and thin, with a runners body.(possibly does yoga, however her attitude does not really fit the yoga philosophical ideals so im not sure)

    Still not sure how to handle going forward in time so ill keep reading the blogs and see if I can find some guidelines.
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    Hey little update. Im at 20k words I am aiming for 95k words after final editing.

    So far I have not yet fully introduced my xenomorph character. In fact my overall plan does not call for her direct interaction with hero for while yet. I have been thinking about the nature of my story.

    I have been just writing, one line at a time. Letting it flow organically. Letting the story go where it will for the most part. While still managing to keep to my overall plan. Kinda like bouncing around inside a box.

    However, due to my obsessive desire to flesh out my hero and his life I feel I may have made a huge mistake. If I so desired I could with some moderate editing delete the entire xenomorph aspect of my story and it would still work as a story on its own..

    So far I have had one full story arch. Namely dealing with his violent and psychotic girlfriend. Also used that time to bring a certain egg into the story, though it is still in cryo-stasis.

    I have laid the ground work for a relationship with Catherine, which will be explored in the next story arch.

    I feel bad about this because I was and still am really stoked about my Jaelyn/Tom story. Jaelyn being my xenomorph. (Not set on the spelling of her name. I want it to sound like Jay Lynn.) However I have crafted this Catherine/Tom story that I am finding very compelling.

    Now I am sure I could keep going with my plan. I would just have to remove Catherine. (whose name spelling will change soon to Kathryn) Which would kinda help the plot by further breaking his already emotionally damaged heart.

    Killing Catherine seams to be the easy way out, and given her job and hobby I could make that happen. However I feel that is to cheap and easy.

    I know many here are squicked out at the thought of a xeno/human romance but it makes sense when you consider the rules im following. Read astral link and heart of the hive to get a feel for the rules.

    Don't mean to ramble at you guys. I have no idea how this will turn out. It will still be just one line at a time. Ill keep trying to nudge it in the desired direction.

    Do you guys have any suggestions or ideas?
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    Hey guys I have my first 5 LONG chapters posted at fanfiction.net. Ill post the link to them here. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11393518/1/Loving-the-dark-heart

    If posting to them is a rule violation plz delete this link with my apologies. If the link is deleted, please look up "Loving the dark heart" on fan fiction.

    Also id appreciate some feed back and pointers. Im new to using my brain for anything other then a hat rack.

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