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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Errrm, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. Errrm

    Errrm Valued Member


    I've just started kickboxing ~3 weeks ago and I'm having some problems with my wrists. They are reallt thin anyway even though I'm ~6ft 83kg ( I can get my thumb and first finger around my wrist and get the tocuh on the other side ). I've never had thick wrists and they are hurting a lot of the time which I'm guessing is due to the punching i.e. not getting the fist inline with the arm when the punch lands apart from improving technique is there a way to help stop this? Any exercises to strengthen the wrists etc?


  2. Hiroji

    Hiroji laugh often, love much

    Yo mate!

    Do you wrap your hands & wrist up before? if not get some mexican handwraps asap.

    Other than that id say just go steady, start off nice and light on the pads to make sure you are hitting them right & getting your body used to it slowly.

    Other than that press ups always help, but again you have to go steady and make sure you do them right too!
  3. Errrm

    Errrm Valued Member

    I'm not using handwraps no, I've seen some people at the classes using them and I meant to ask about them in my post but I forgot. What are they designed for? Do you support the wrist?

  4. tom pain

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    One or the more popular ones is knuckle push-ups.
  5. Hiroji

    Hiroji laugh often, love much

    Yes very important imo.

    I used to hurt my wrists on the heavy bag when i first started and couildnt be arsed putting the wraps on, i had to stop training!!

    They are mainly to support the wrist and to keep your hand and arm aligned properly. The knuckles, fingers and thumbs are also protected a little with the mexican wraps.

    They will help you out mate, but still take it steady to begin with! Like i said, when i first stated training i used to go at it like a bull thinking i had something to prove! lol! ended up hurting my forearms and wrist, so just take it easy.

    learning to punch & kick properly is much more important at your stage ;)
  6. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    Someone should make this video a sticky ;)

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1e9VUq3jK7I"]Boxing Lessons for Beginners : Boxing handwraps - YouTube[/ame]
  7. Errrm

    Errrm Valued Member

    Thanks for all that info and help, I've got another kickboxing class tonight so I'll have a word with the instructor to see if he can sees anything wrong with my technique and I'll get some handwraps as well.

    Thanks again.


    Edit - Another quick question, do these handwraps still help if you are punching with gloves on? I'm assuming they will do but all the punching we do is with gloves on and so I don't want to rely on them if they won't help.
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  8. ambiance

    ambiance Valued Member

    Yes they will, they are designed to be worn with gloves, I always make sure I'm wearing mine when punching.
  9. SnorriSturluson

    SnorriSturluson Valued Member

    boxers use wraps under gloves.

    wraps are cheap but are a pain to wrap and especially to clean. You might also use a little light electrical tape just around the wrists-less of a pain in the butt but ultimately more expensive

    very important to learn proper technique to keep your wrists straight, especially difficult with hooks and over-the-tops

    wrist curls will help -hold dumbells (start with five pounders and work up as you get stronger), sit down in a low chair, rest your forearms on your legs parallel to the floor with your wrists on your knees, and do a) (no offense inended to anyone) the stereotypical "gay" limp wrist flex, then b) the same thing upside down (which is easier, so do more reps this way). I imagine that overdoing this could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, so keep it moderate.

    As far as SD is concerned, thoguh, good technique and strong wrists work in the street as well as the dojo. Wraps, though, will only help you in SD if you get mugged in the gym :) If your wrists can't hold up without wraps, you'll be in trouble if your ever have to defend yourself. Since it doesn't sound as if wraps are the norm in your style, you might want to start with them and then phase them out when you can.
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  10. tideliar

    tideliar Valued Member

    Hey Errrm, I started kickboxing a few months ago and I remember wrist ache well. My mate got it so bad he actually had to stop punching for a couple of weeks. Since you've just started, I bet ya it's a lot to do with your form as well as anything else. Really focus on keeping your wrist locked inline with your forearm when you're jabbing (e.g.). All the little bends and buckles add up to stretch the tendons and ligaments which causes the ache.

    Like everyone says, wraps are a good plan. I use 108" (I think!) under bag gloves. Starting at the wrist you can get three or four wraps arounds, then up and cover your hands, then back down over your wrist. They're not long enough to do your knuckles individually though if you need that. The other thing, if you've got thin wrists, the wraps will help keep your gloves from slipping around which will reduce friction burns on your knuckles.

    I speak from experience! (6'3", 73kg = thin wrists!)

    Once you get your technique down it'll really help. The other thing is that unless you're a super badass who goes for a scrap every Friday night, you've probably not punched much before (at least properly) so you're using muscles and movements you're not used to. Once your body "toughens up", y'know, gets used to it, you'll find it'll all be fine.

    But as Snorri says, work on your wrist strength, in case one day you don't have your wraps...
  11. Moi

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    Clean wraps? Whatever for?
  12. Yohan

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    Lifting weights will increase your wrist and hand strength QUICK.
  13. piratebrido

    piratebrido internet tough guy

    Just take it light till your technique develops and lay of the chugging for a while.
  14. Errrm

    Errrm Valued Member

    I do go to the gym a fair amount, I was lifting heavy weights in short sets ( 8 reps ) but I ended up needing so much weight to put enough strain on my muscles that it again caused my wrist problems.

    I spoke to my instructor tonight and a few people do use handstraps and he said he would sort some out for me so I see how it goes. Although after speaking to him about a similar problem ( elbow hurting due to hooks ) it seems that my elbow probably isn't at shoulder height when throwing the punch which is probably causing my elbow and wrist problems.

    Hopefully a combination of sorting out my technique and straps will sort the problem.

  15. Errrm

    Errrm Valued Member

    lol the last time I threw a punch before starting kickboxing was ~13 years ago I that is the only punch I have ever thrown ( perhaps a bit pathetic... only 1!!! Perhaps a different thread for that one :) ).
  16. tideliar

    tideliar Valued Member

    shhhh...between you and me it's almost the same. Last time I hit someone in a "real" fight was couple of years ago and I open-hand slapped him :love:

    ...but don't tell anyone...
  17. k1ckboxer

    k1ckboxer Valued Member

    this is a common issue..
    a good set of wraps should do the job, and when putting them on apply more than normal around wrist area and make sure they are done up tight enough.
    If this still doesn't help you could try wrist supports, the kind weight lifters would use..


    all the best

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