Wondering if this is a McDojo or not

Discussion in 'Ninjutsu Resources' started by xweaselkingx, Apr 5, 2007.

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    Koku Ryu=Kobra Kai? Anyone lol
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    that spear you can get from battle orders. We've got one as a display example in our dojo!
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    Sounds like a McDojo. The question is: "Is this a place for you to train?".
    That depends. If it's the best you can find in your area, then that's what you've got. I would think in NZ you shouldn't have to look too hard for a serious FMA/kali/silat instructor or a traditional MA school. But a half assed school is better than none.

    It sounds to me like he is a 1st Dan black belt in a couple of styles with some ring experience and he "beefed up" his resume beyond what he should, which reduces the chances that all of it is true. (Did he really get both black belts in 2 styles or maybe he got black in one, brown in the other and he decided to upgrade it for propaganda). I'll bet he did a lot of training in many styles to be come a ring fighter and now falsly claims to be an instructor, even though none of his former intructors would agree.

    He may be a real bad ass, you may actually learn something from him, but... anyone who has studied with instructors who are well respected understands the seriousness of falsly claiming to be "instructors" when in fact we were just students. We have all heard many stories of our instructors reputations being smeared by former students now claiming to be "instructors". It really dillutes and disrespects those who work so hard to earn that title. It also discredits the whole system, and endangers students when people are learning incorrectly from someone who should be still a student, not a teacher.

    This seems to be very common in "ninja" and JKD, due to their nature, they lend themselves more easily to fraud. As oposed to TKD or Judo, which are well established highly (over-) organized structures that would be difficult to lie about and easy to verify or disprove. If you lie about TKD or AKA you may get sued. Not likely with "ninja" claims.

    Anyone who claims JKD or ninja or a style no one has ever heard of, should be checked even more closely than if they claim to be from a large and well established system like tkd or judo.

    Check the thread here on DJDREAMAKER, the anti-idol.
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