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    Isn't this public enough?
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    I have to agree that the whole premise of meeting people in bars is sex. And not usually finding someone with whom they have a serious connection. Not to my mind anyway. Having worked in a bar myself I get the impression people in bars aren't 100% honest or genuine. Or sober for that matter. Which makes the whole business of truly getting to know someone quite tricky. Sure it's fun for a snog or a bit of frisky business but I reckon that's about it usually. It totally sucks when you have a good time snogging or getting frisky with someone and it turns out they're not interested. But, hey, ultimately, their loss.
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    So I wonder what's going on with that guy nowadays....... Google's his name..... Oh, well that makes sense..........

    Frodo we should listen to you more often....!
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    I noticed he isn't appearing so often in the BJJ gym feed a few miles away.

    Another contraversial figure in the sport o_O:oops:
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