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    Stoccata School of Defence
    My school in Hobart and Sydney, Australia. We also have a pretty comprehensive links page to other groups around the world.
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    WMA Links - Academia della Spada

    Academia della Spada in Seattle, WA USA

    Italian rapier (ala Saviolo) and English backsword (ala Silver)
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    Steppingstone for englishspeaking people into germany: Arts of Mars!
    (Colin Richards is my former teacher (before he moved to germany), and does Viking-reenactment, german dagger, Fiore longsword, wresteling and dagger and german longsword + I.33).

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    Die Schlachtschule" or "The School of Battle," is a group dedicated to the study and teaching of the martial arts of medieval Europe. We use the surviving medieval fencing manuals, or fechtb├╝cher, to try to learn the ways of combat practiced by medieval knights.

    Medieval martial masters were concerned with teaching all forms of combat, from wrestling to dagger to sword and buckler to longsword to pollaxe, fighting both in and out of armor. Their manuals included instruction in the strategy and tactics of combat as well as the techniques themselves. Die Schlachtschule attempts to match those ancient schools by teaching a complete system of medieval combat, both armored and unarmored.


    In Southern California
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    wma links

    The Company of Maisters of the Science of Defence is an organisation based on the original Company of Maisters known to have existed in England at as early as the 1500's. The Company teaches indigenous English martial arts.
    Like the original Company its present day successor teaches a wide range of weapons and methods such as; Sword, sword and buckler, sword and dagger, two-hand sword, hand-and-a-half sword, billhook, quarterstaff, threshalls (corn flails), cudgel, wrestling, bare fist fighting.
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    Northeast Ohio Historical European Martial Arts Society

    NEOHEMAS is a newly(2002) created offshoot organization of POHEMAS. Our focus are the martial traditions of Europe and of the Colonized New World. To be a bit more specific we are currently studying...Irish Bata, Pugilism, Savate, Navaja/Bowie knife, Sambo and RMA, Scottish and English broadsword and various folk wrestling traditions. We will soon be adding other arts to our evergrowing list of things studied.


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