will i be able to train after this?

Discussion in 'Disabled Martial Artists' started by vicjudofreak, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. vicjudofreak

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    will it be safe to train after this?

    hi, i really just want some reassurance to be honest :eek:

    ive had undiagnosed problems with my wrist for about 6 years (im 19), that my consultant couldnt fix. After initial surgery he now thinks the ligament which stabilises the wrist has been destroyed over the years since an initial untreated injury. On the 27th jan we are discussing options, but i have been told that if he doesnt do anything it will get worse (it has already stopped my training and is affecting career plans). but any surgery will reduce mobility in the joint since pins will effectively stop the wrist acting as a joint :(

    this is a scary thought, since it affects my future career as a physiotherapist and ends all hopes of returning to training. At the moment i 'train' gently... basically a few mins at a time. but if he pins the joint and i land on it (i do judo) presumably bone would snap before the pin does. would it be safe to train? im very confused and frankly scared, and just wanted some input from people who understand ma's, since my doctors advice was 'quit judo' - and that was 4 years ago!

    thanks for any advice,

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  2. samharber

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    Get the surgery.

    Afterwards, learn how to roll in a way that will protect the joint. Explain to any partner your problem and what you can/can't do.
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    I have a very similar deal with my ankle after I badly broke it. The surgeons removed bits of the joint and replaced it with some metalwork over a few operations.

    Over ten years on I rarely think of it apart from when I see the scars and get the occasional pain. I've adopted a zero tolerance approach to techniques that isolate my joint. Although the doctors assured me that the rest of my body will give out long before the joint.

    The issue has restricted me very little although I have slightly less flexibility in the ankle it doesn't give me many problems.

    Just be careful and you'll be fine - avoid morons with no respect for your body. In fact if you want to be a physiotherapist you could look at this as a learning opportunity from the other side of the exercises :)

  4. vicjudofreak

    vicjudofreak Valued Member

    Thankyou, I appreciate the advice :)
  5. soctt03

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    If going back to judo doesn't work you should perhaps consider another martial art. No advice on which one, just something for you to think about in terns of widening your options???
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    might have to avoid impact training,but there are ways of getting aaround injurys,i serveley hurt my knee in a car accident and had to find ways of getting around it,even to this day three years later,anyway hope the surgrey is succesful and u can start enjoying training again

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