"Why You Do Like That?" Weights, Martials and 'The Healthy'

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    Och I wouldn't worry about all that. Just enjoy the process.

    Seriously train for the enjoyment and train safely. Make gradual process. Ignore other folks and what they do.

    And refrain from doing too much at any one time. Most folk who're always thinking 'more, more, more' end up snapping something.

    I watched a bunch of young guys wreck their back in the gym the other day. The worst 'rack pulls' seen by me so far. Jerking weights way too much for them off the pins. Experience is a great teacher.

    If I was a chiropractor I woulda licked my lips in anticipation.

    I'm only lifting weight once a week at the mo. Probably continue like that for a few weeks depending on my mood. And then back to once each 4 to 5 days for a while.

    I don't really 'push it'. You'll not see me get any nosebleeds on lifts etc. "Steady as she goes" is a thing worth bearing in mind.

    Really trying to do loads of Max Lifts is a recipe for disaster. 75% to 85% of 1 rm is the most I'll bother with. Occasionally I'll lift something a bit weightier. That may be 'normal' weightlifting or some statics etc.

    Really just making sure you get better and faster at doing your current weight. And then build your reps up to a point. Then add a little bit more = much better.

    I'll be lifting heftier in the coming months. Just a natural part of any kind of periodisation.

    Although I did go a little feint-faint on my last set of Zerchers the other day. And thought "strewth that was quite hefty" :hat: :p
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    best advice ive received:
    Life is about experiences, the journey not the end point (death). so just enjoy it.
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    I got the Schmidt (Elastikon) Sports Expander 3 from amazon, it was about 20 quid and has 5 detachable bands, each with "20 kg of resistance". I am assuming this means it takes 20kg (more precisely, 200N) of force to stretch each strand to twice its resting length.

    I find that one strand is about right for super isolated stuff (tricep presses etc), 2-3 are good for front pulls and pull downs, 3-4 for back presses, and all 5 for goblet squats/'deadlift' (it's not really a deadlift).

    The only things that are a bit awkward about it are:

    1) when you're trying to graduate from 2 to 3 bands it can be a bit of a severe step in resistance - it would be handy to have a 10kg strand so you could go: 2, 2.5, 3... (although I think I could buy a Number I which would have 5x10kg bands)

    2) I think there is a small amount of tension in the strands (they are like bungee cords) when they're 'at rest', meaning it takes a bit of ooomph to get it moving, which is often the point of greatest mechanical disadvantage...

    Other than that, cracking bit of kit
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    Just make sure you get a first class ticket :cool:
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    I'm still trying to get a Elastikon 4 and 5 (apparently this last one exists). I put an order in with a z o n for the 4 and it seems to be out of stock a lot.

    Whether this means that the lost art of Strand Pulling is coming back from the deid I got no clue? Cue flat cap and braces. Ecky Thump!

    I'm scrimping my pennies to get a Samson at 100 US Dollars plus shipping. It's meant to be the biz - Also been chopsing about getting some new kit from Lifeline Fitness/ Monkey Bar Gym like a Power Pushup 3 and a proper expander - S o I can do proper Archer's Pulls etc.

    I go spoufy for the Back Press but I need something a lot more resisting for that. I can crank out sets of 20 plus reps with the up to 240 lbs resistance of the Power Push Up. Gets a bit pointless after a while ("Go For The Burn!":D) - Back Press/ Side Press is a boss motion though.

    My toppermost Strand Pulls at present are:

    Front Cross Press

    Punch Press

    Chest Expander

    Push Up Lock Out Hold (static)

    WHEN I get a more suitable strand then I'll start doing Archer' Pulls and Back Presses again.

    Doing 'trap bar style deadlifts' with hefty cables/ bands is great too. Although watch you don't kill the cat.
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    Crush Proof

    Saturday 19th April 2014

    More Crush Gripping

    Many things you can do to enhance your crushing and gripping. To me the crush grippers are the bestest bang for your buck. I do some plates carries and pinch gripping between sets at the gym. I also do bar hangs in between sets at the gym. And on public transport - Cue weird looks.

    But that's just frosting.

    My goal is to close the Captains of Crush Number 4. When I started I underestimated the amount of 'effect' hefty gripping has on other work and ability. I now think I'm at some kind of 'balance' in terms of frequency.

    Useful for the Combat uses of Grip (Chin Na!)

    Also useful for 'holds for time' (keeping a grip on summat hefty)

    250 lb Crush Grip

    x 4 (per arm natch)
    x 5
    x 6 (with a 10 sec hold at closed)
    x 4 (ditto - working on my grip endurance)

    300 lb Crush Grip

    x 3
    x 3
    x 5

    Amazing how your CNS 'fluctuates' - Rest and Recoup wise. The 300's were difficult but not hard. Last time out they were easier.

    Grip as Judgement tool that tests WHEN:

    1) CNS is or has adapted better

    2) Well rested - more than the time before last (judgement required)

    Just did to finish:

    95% Lockout Hold For Time With Power Pushup 2

    30 second trembler

    And you really feel it for days to come :hat:

    Exploding Death Start Hand Stretch/ Iso

    So you don't become like the Hooded Claw see?

    Did a few bit of Chin Na (White Crane mostly) with Dai when he popped round to borrow a hammer (I hope it was DIY I really do).
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    2 x Butt Hurt

    Tuesday 22nd April 2014

    Roman Chair Hyperextensions

    Cos I don't got no Glute Ham Raise

    1) Me plus 20 kgs x 8 + 10 second Static Parallel Hold
    2) Me plus 40 kgs x 6 (ditto)


    Remember how I'm:

    A) Deadlifting each session for approx 5 Work Sets

    B) Working on increasing my grip endurance at heftier weights (Slow progress)

    100 kgs x 4 + 120 kgs x 4 (Snatch Grip)
    140 kgs x 3 (All Sumo double ohand)
    175 kg x 3 (Normal Stance Double ohand chalk n cheese from here)
    195 kg x 2 (Sumo Mixed Grip)
    205 kg x 2 (Normal stance Mixed Grip Chalk)
    210 kg x 2 (ditto)
    210 kgs x 2 (ditto)

    Really enjoyable. No Straps - Adaptation. Way too much.

    Principle remains the same. End sets well below your max and failure. Build up by adding 5 kgs to the middle sets (1 rep gains being better oftentimes than just adding weight and lifting it badly). Take it reasonably easy. Build slowly with consistency.

    It's a slow process and would bore most folks senseless.

    Come down in reps as you start to lift heftier.

    EG 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 at 150, 180, 200, 210 kgs becomes 6, 5, 4, 3 at 170, 190, 220, 240 kgs and so on...

    Zercher Squats

    90 kgs x 8
    110 kgs x 6
    130 kgs x 4
    140 kgs x 3
    150 kgs x 4 (Felt a tad light-headed there)

    Bar Hang - Monkey Hand Style

    1 minute plus


    Softer 60 lb bag kind to handies. Fast punching stepping and techno-stepping. In combis with elbows - Sok Sab, Sok Tad, BUT NO Sok klab?

    Hefty roundhouse kicking on the hefty 110 er bag. Sets of 7, 6, 5 and then some Kuching Roundhouses 2 x 8

    More 'mad cat in an alley' floor to ceiling ball - Bleedin thing thrashes about like a jellyfish on a barb-b-q.

    Proper stretch out too and a Bridge for Time

    Really am getting a tad antsy making myself wait for a week to return to said weights. But the wait is worth it :rolleyes:
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    Nice grippage on the deadz :D

    Last time I zerchered I got numb thumb (lasted about a day), which I'm guessing was from bar pressure on the inside of the elbow. Is using the maxipad permitted? Is that a stupid question?

  9. SoKKlab

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    That's not good! Probably you'll need to go lighter first to get used to carrying the load. As numb thumb is a tad dumb.

    I do mine from the rack at belly height - As the process is faster then. And I like to crank them out fast.

    When you gotta pick them up off the deck they become a bit more 'work' with the 'deadlift like portion - And so you'll want to do less reps and sets.

    Some folk at first and only briefly get some chaffing on their inner arm crook. But that goes after 2nd or 3rd go.

    You can use a pad, or a towel etc for comfort.

    A lot of folk do Zerchers with a cambered or E-Z Bar (as that fits their arm crooks better). That makes for a better Carry.

    I do mine with an Olympic Bar. Mostly cos I can't be bothered going to get an E-Z Bar and then loading the thing up.

    Be Careful of Your Lower to Mid Back particularly when doing Zerchers - Brace all when taking the bar off the blocks and keep all tight.

    Keep the sets down to max 5 as a back off from say Deads. Build your Capacity with 1 rep gains - The Zercher is a classic example of how a 1 Rep Gain is better than just adding more weight and then straining.

    Good Luck Harry
  10. HarryF

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    Yeah! That's why I haven't done them for a little while... Maybe I was pinching my hands to my chest a bit much too (self biceps crusher), less of this next time

    Having done these a couple of times with about 90% of my front squat max, I can definitely see that they'll either massively tax the abs (compared to upper back for fronts), OR ruin your back. Big breath, big squeeze methinks.

    Cool, thanks for the tips, deads next Tuesday, so I'll see how I get on with them then :)
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    I would lol there but I really shouldn't :D

    When you get to heftier then you'll see your back gets huge work from them too. But yes your core neck to groin gets huge work first. Seriously they're one of the best 'abs' exercises there is.

    Brace, big breath, keep all tight. You can pause and relax a little in the pocket. And then tighten all on the stand up IF doing them pause style.

    You may find yourself screaming a tad to stand up though - Zerchers seem to bring about that effect in me way more than Back Squats (on which I make hardly much more than a sharp 'spout breathe' sound).

    Good luck keep safe
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    The Expanding Cosmos

    Expander Session Using my rather ragged Power Pushup 2.

    Sesh = 27 minutes in total, effect = priceless.

    Still NOT GOT hold of an Elastikon 5 (300, 350 lb plus resistance?) expander yet. Another note to self contact the makers direct in mid-May 2014 onwards (you still not done this).

    Still got my eye on a few others that are 300 lb to 400 lb plus resistance. Again the Samson Expander (400 plus lb resistance?) costs 100 US dollars. This is the daddy of expansion.

    As I'm a tad 'tight' when it comes to spending actual cash...I'm not sure whether I can justify forking out 100 US Dollars for a twangy thing...:hat:

    Anyway am still using my trusty Power Pushup 2 (still going strong since 2005) - which has about 240 lbs of max resistance. To do my current 'most bestest' exercises. It is running a little ragged. But is one of the best pieces of kit bought by me. Well worth the 38 quid I paid for it in 2005.

    Pilates Band Warmup

    Doubled up to make 80 lbs or more (no idea) of warmuppery

    Band Aparts, Full Expander, Ohead Crucifix Pull, Side-Back Press etc

    Done 2 continuous Sets of 2 minutes each

    Chest Expander

    About 240 lbs of resistance - Probably the most healthful pull to do with a strand. Feels like a great ziiiing. As your rib box expands. This really helps my hinky shoulder too.

    Suck your stomach in so it's flat tight for extra benefits. Pull. And pin your shoulderblades together at the end of the motion. And push your chest fully out. For added superbreath benefits.

    The shoulders pinned really makes the motion. And adds approx another 11.78986% to the pull.

    x 10
    x 8
    x 7 (with static hold in the locked out for 5 secs each on the last 2 sets)

    Low Back-Side Press

    x 8
    x 7

    My strand is not hefty enough to grant enough resistance in the classic higher up back press. And so I can do them at a lower height (just on lumborum). This makes it a bit harder.

    Diagonal Cross Press and Pulldown "Cross Press"

    Definitely called a Cross Press. Part push part pull. Puts equal emphasis on tris, shoulders, traps. Entire body reaction actually. As in you feel it in your hams and toes.

    Hold the strand in front of you at a diagonal angle. Your upper hand palm out. Lower hand palm down.

    Breath in. Suck your guts in and keep tight whilst breathing.

    Start the motion by pressing up and back into a single arm shoulder press. And just after start the downward 'pulldown' which is actually a pressing motion too. Press down and back.

    You end up doing a shoulder press and triceps pulldownpress at the same time. Really hard.

    I usually hold each rep for a few seconds in the expanded position. This really makes it like being strained through a mincer. But the benefit to my shoulders is excellent.

    x 6
    x 5
    x 4 (because it's hard)

    Whilst this is an 'all-body' exercise...If you want to work the middle head and inner head of your triceps more then twist your downward palm out more (little finger side turns out).

    NOTE to SELF - You STILL need to Make a clip of these expander's malarkey.

    95% of Lockout Static Power Pushup Hold

    Assume Press Up/ Push Up position. With Strand across your upper back. Lockout. Then bend knees and elbows by about 5 to 10% to do a Static Contraction.

    Me plus the Expander at maximum. Core, Hams, Legs, Back, Shoulder, Arm-tastic.

    30 seconds o' shakes

    The whole training took me 27 minutes. Really enjoyable. I tell you, for most folks looking for strength etc gains expanders are the way forward. So much pressure makes sessions harder.

    Half a pint of Goat's Milk and a Hazelnut Ritter for afters - Still Eating Clean I tell you :D
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    "Yoofs x 2"

    Monday 28th April 2014

    "Yoofs x 2" were Squatting. Badly. It looked painful. Inclined to suggest they made changes - so they wouldn't start their 16th year as cripples.

    The Road to Hell Begins with Good Intentions...They didn't listen - "Cos We Got Internets, Innit" :)rolleyes:).

    Then they did 'Charlie Chaplin/ Plie Type Barbell Squat' (I could not tell you what this was - Like a Bizarre Duck Hack Barbell Squat) - I swear I could hear their tendons snapping...

    I waited. The smaller one twanged his back doing a "bad morning"...Strewth!

    Glute Ham/ Roman Hyperextension

    Alright I don't got no Ham Raise - But one can dream, what? (Stacy Kiebler, where are you?)

    a) x 10 plus 10 sec static hold at top
    b) + 20 Kilos x 10 sec hold and 10 reps

    For a bit o blood thru my Spinaes before each sesh = 'Helf n Safety' :D

    Back Squats

    Okay I went a tad berserk. Way too much reppage-settage. I half expected said "Yoofs x 2" to tell me I was being twp. And they woulda been right ;)

    80 kgs x 8
    115 kgs x 8
    145 kgs x 6
    170 kgs x 4
    190 kgs x 4
    200 kgs x 4
    210 kgs x 2
    210 kgs 2

    And then I thought "Why'd you do that? You'll suffer tomorrow"...:rolleyes:

    Back was solid at 91.876345% - Still gotta be careful though.

    Okay that was only about 40 mins. So I got a coupla helpers to plonk the bar down on the safeties - Can't be bothered unloading it.

    Rack Pulls - Lazy Deadlifts For The Time-Pressed

    Bottom Pins at top o shins - Just playing around with a bit of Rack Pulling. Another 'cycle' if you want to think 'fancy'. Fast. Add more weight

    Push thru yr heels - Press off the blocks, stand, lockout (nice!)

    140 kgs x 4 (double ohand)
    160 kgs x 4 (chalk and mixed grip)
    180 kgs x 4 (ditto)
    200 kgs x 3
    220 kgs x 3
    240 gs x 2
    250 kgs x 2

    Okay so coupla times a month I'll go back to doing these (not too many mind) - Being careful of foot/ knee-tracking.

    1 hour is reached and the weights are put away.

    Bagwork - Softer 60 lb er for fast hands, elbows (sok sab - diagonal up, sok tad - 'cut' hook like motion), hacksaws and slapping palms, fancy stepping, choppers - lead uppercuts etc

    Sloppy floor to ceiling ball - It's still epileptic.

    Hefty 110 er bag for continuous roundhouses and knees -about 20 mins in total. A proper stretchout. A chat about weights for rugby.

    So glad I went - Shooting some more uchubes this week and next. Also I need to edit a couple that i uploaded but not published yet - Note to self - You need to edit the couple you uploaded :D
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    So yesterday I helped a guy (been training him occasionally) to do his armwrestling practice (I did ask IF I could feature him online, but he's pretty shy so it's unlikely).

    The session mostly consisted of getting him to work on his finger-hand-wrist, forearm strength first. Then shoulder, brac/bicep/tricep/ back strength.

    Mostly this consists of doing numerous static contractions/ holds in the top, side etc position.

    And then me being the dummy and resisting his rolls and the like.

    Luckily I said I'd only do 'negs' - Meaning I'd only resist in the neg plane.

    My arms today feel absolutely fried. Isometrics and the like are, I know, intense work.

    I admire his work ethic training like this. He should do well in his first competition that's in a few months time.

    I'm not an expert on armwrestling and am trying to hook him up with a more qualified coach.

    Needless to say a gymrat told us we were "Doing it all wrong" (he soon realised the error of his ways when he did a few rounds).

    Good fun - Deadlifts later (please arms, hang in there :eek:)
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    The Iron(y)

    Friday 2nd May 2014

    Note to self = Superman wears tighter pants, mate. :rolleyes:

    So I was tired. My feet, back, arms and **** hurt from armwrestling (think about it...Still thinking...?)...

    Those crazy kids were there again - The duck squatters. This time they almost killed selfs on the Leg Press "Put another 6 Plates on"...

    Roman Chair Hypers

    In with the warmup

    Me x 10 + 10 sec hold at end
    Me + 20 kgs x 10 + 10 sec hold - arms straight out


    I ate too close to sesh. Twp! I knew these would be messy. My back was twinging. It's all gone a bit pete tong!

    I ground them out. Really, the only thing I had to look forward to was the hale and hearty oat flapjack in my gymbag...Now I know what Poland felt like.

    1) 40 kg x 4, 80 kg x 4, 100 kg x 4
    2) 130 kg x 2
    3) 160 kg x 2 (chalk and mixed grip from here)
    4) 180 kg x 2 (I question my sanity)
    5) 200 kg x 2 (fingertips away from destruction)
    6) 210 kg x 2 (more chalk than the white cliffs)
    7) 210 kg x 2 (had enough - all hamstrings and press, worst deadlift award)


    Barbell Row

    I was now jolly. Because I'd done the deads. And so it was all lightweight from here. And I was one step closer to my flapjack.

    80 kg x 6
    100 kg x 5
    120 kg x 4
    140 kg x 4
    150 kg x 4

    Thinking about it I should start with the highest weight for the BB Row. After all these are a backoff from deads...Hmm

    Single-Arm Dumbell Row

    In pounds cos it sounds awesomes - One arm at a time (nobody likes a show off :)).

    Like any row etc, engage (take the slack out) your shoulder first. Motion from your shoulder girdle first - Refrain from extending your shoulder down and pulling - That will ruin it, fast.

    130 pounds x 8
    145 pounds x 6
    160 pounds x 6
    175 pounds x 4 (pornstar face)

    One step closer to the 245's - These are regarded with awe in our gym. Some folk use them for shrugs and the occasional trap-bar-style deadlift. But NOBODY uses them for DB Rows - And I will.

    That's enough of that silliness time to hit something.


    Softer bag 60 lber for kind to handies. No mitts and the like used so be nice. Fast hands, elbows, slapping, hairpulling and pinching

    Bigger bag (iz new 100 pounds or so) Great for roundhouses - A bit more 'sink' sets of 7's blam blam. Kuching roundhouses 3 sets of 6 from the deck "Are you doing that Capowearer?"

    Sloppy floor to ceiling ball makes me realise I'm done - Bar hang and realise the preacher curl machine goes up to 130 kgs (that's a lot of curl) :eek:

    Ate my flapjack with conjugated milk malarky. Then tooms offered me another flapjack. And I et that too. Then I had a piece of cake that was knocking about. Really, this 'eating clean' is real easy, I don't know what all the fuss is about - Cheers!
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    Get a Grip on Yourself

    250 lb Crush Grip

    x 3 (per arm natch)
    x 4
    x 4 (with a 10 sec hold at closed)
    x 4 (ditto - working on my grip endurance)

    300 lb Crush Grip

    x 3
    x 2
    x 2

    More CNS 'fluctuation' - Rest and Recoup wise from Wednesday's Armwrestling and Friday's training not great. The 300's were difficult but not hard. x 2 ago they were easier.

    Accumulation - Depletion - More Depletion = Pah! Makes you wanna take D-Ribose don't it?

    Grip as Judgement tool that tests WHEN:

    1) CNS is or has adapted better

    2) Well rested - more than the time before last (judgement required)

    3) Combat Applications - "Choke You Fool" ;)

    Just did to finish:

    Strandpulling with the Powerpushup2

    Comedy Facepull

    No I don't mean I practiced my gurning - I hooked the strand up to the door attachment I created - I shifted anything breakable out the way - ASSume the worst here

    x 6
    x 5

    Then it twanged off it's moorings and shot across the room. Phew just missed the neighbour's cat who'd come by to watch some fool fire a big elastic band across the room :rolleyes:

    95% Lockout Hold For Time With Power Pushup 2

    Put strand across back. Assume press up position. Bend arms and legs by approx 5% hold for a 30 second trembler - Combined you and the strand = a bit of a tuffy.

    And you really feel it for days to come

    Exploding Death Start Hand Stretch/ Iso

    Join the dark side, Luke :yeleyes:

    Martial Arts this week too, totes amazeballs
  17. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    that article im writing uses a lot of research about grip strength as an indicator of overall strength. i would get your dad on it!
  18. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    Coolio! The olde timey strongmen used gripwork as much (Thomas Inch, Saxon, Zass etc) as an indicator of 'restedness' as fr strength itself - Not stoopid those doods.

    My Dad's 81 now. He's done gripwork for years with lighter grippers. But he had a heart attack last year. Due to him not doing anything for months on end, except sitting.

    He's realised the error of his ways. And so I gifted him some of my old expander bits. And he's been doing that a couple of times a week for 20 minutes.

    Now he wants to do a bit of 'weightlifting'. My Mam is really against it. As she thinks he's gonna do himself a mischief.

    I told him he's gotta work on his flexibility first. He knows how to do a Zercher. Because steelworkers, welders etc used to do them ('Carry Lifts') to get strong for lugging stuff about.

    So he's got a few months to work on getting a bit more limber. Really just walking, expander and a bit of sledgehammer swinging should be enough for him. But IF he's set on doing some weights too, then he may'swell get a go.

    I'm also gonna get him a heftier gripper - Let's face it the stronger your grip, the stronger your grip on life (or the other way around).

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    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    Man Against Pants

    Tuesday 6th May 2014

    I'd like to share a really important weightlifting lesson with you today. It must be the reason that the US, UK etc weightlifting team keep losing?

    It is of course - Pants. All men, women and hermaphrodites need to wear comfy undercrackers. Today I broke this rule and paid dearly for it.

    And whilst the session was fun...My nether regions are as they say, chaffed. Liberal amounts of umbrocation being applied. And said underwear has been donated to charity (once washed, of course).

    And it all started so well...1 hr weights, 25 mins bag and ball

    Warm up canoodling and 'throw shapes'.

    Roman Chair Hyper

    You must be 'well-conditioned' ( :D ) to start the sesh with a glute-ham/ hyper. Else your back may spasm (spinaes need to rest, particularly before starting deads).

    1) x 10 + 10 second hold
    2) + 20 kg x 10 + 10 second hold (superman style)


    Okay, I been deading each sesh since the new year. Really this isn't that worthwhile. But I enjoy it and the practice. My grip has adapted a bit - and that's the reason I'm sticking to lower weights. But not as much as if I deadlifted less. I know this. Conjugate fool or remain frustrated.

    1) 40kgs x 8 80 kgs x 6 (sumos, double ohand)
    2) 120 kgs x 4 (ditto)
    3) 160 kgs x 4 (normal stance, mixed grip and chalk)
    4) 180 kgs x 4 (ditto)
    5) 200 kgs x 4 (ditto)
    6) 210 kgs x 2 (ditto)
    7) 210 kgs x 2 (ditto)

    High Pulls - Hang Style

    Hang style from shins. Done fast, 1 minute to change plates and rest between sets.

    1) 40 kgs x 6
    2) 60 kgs x 4
    3) 80 kgs x 4
    4) 100 kgs x 4

    Not done them for an age. High Pulls are cool. Why don't I do em more?

    "The Thwart"

    What? Thwart? Huh?

    This is a combined belt deadlift/ good morning/ backlift that doesn't use the arms. I warn you now these are really tough and hard work - Go easy when attempting such things.

    Take a dipping belt mit chains. Add a small extender chain. So your nethers don't bash the plates.

    Now loop the chain thru a selection of fine olympic plates. Put belt up to tight under your armpits across your lats. Breath in, keep all tight. Hold the chains to stop the swinging, but the arms play no part. Stand up and down whilst 'good mornining'.

    140 kgs x 8
    150 kgs x 6
    150 kgs x 4

    Not done em for about a year - Still fab. Careful though, seriously, be careful.

    Standing Ohead DB Press

    Spread legs wide for strong base. Suck powerlifting belly in. Smile like you mean it...

    The first coupla sets are 'rack runs' done continuous for a couple of minutes. Set after set.

    1) 20 kgs x 10, 30 kgs x 9, 40 kgs x 8, 50 kgs x 7
    2) 55kgs x 6, 65 kgs x 6, 75 kgs x 5
    3) 85 kgs x 4
    4) 95 kgs x 4
    5) 100 kgs x 2

    Knackering. Really pumps blood thru my hinky shoulders. Flushes them out. Tonic effect. Nice, are kid.

    Bagwork, Floor to Ceiling Ball

    Really liking this new hefty bag. It's still about 100 pounds or so.

    Fast hands, fast combis 5, 6 punches a second, elbow combis, axe knee, muay chaiya styling.

    Sets of roundhouses 6's repeated until out of breath.

    Floor to ceiling ball has been fixed. Now it's much better for bobbing, duck and strike etc.

    Shot a short clip about how to do pullups (secrets if you can't do them) after. That lighting makes me look fat, call my agent :D

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    Strength, Power and Diet tips for Natural Bodybuilding, Strength Training etc

    Strength, Power and Diet tips for Natural Bodybuilding, Strength Training etc

    And so Thursday 8th 2014 saw me at the gym.

    Whilst waiting to shoot x 3 interoos with Paul Toomey and Sean O Keefe...I nabbed in on for some Calf Raises:

    Hack Squat Calf Raises

    80 kgs x 45
    110 kgs x 35
    135 kgs x 35

    Bar Hangs

    3 x 1 minutes

    I uploaded this clip to my channel on You chubes.


    Natural Bodybuilders Paul Toomey and Sean O'Keefe of Blitz Gym, South Harrow, on how to grow your Muscle Mass, how to train to get stronger and bigger, how long they train for, what type of training they rotate etc.

    The other clips are on the Blitz Gym Channel

    Paul is training Sean for a Natural Bodybuilding show later this year. They just completed a 6-week Strength Phase (where Sean went up to flat benching 250 kilos x 2 at a bodyweight of approx 90 kilos).

    They're now in a more Hypertrophy (Muscle Size) phase. So going from lower strength-orientated reps into a higher rep, higher set style of training.

    In this top info packed gym clip you get some of the answers the following hot burning questions:

    - How much Protein do you need to consume in order to build huge Strength and gain Lean Muscle Mass?

    - How can you come at your training from a completely different angle and way of thinking for greater success?

    - How do you calculate your carb-intake to grow lean muscle gains without getting fat?

    - How much fat should be in a Natural Bodybuilder's diet? :

    - The precise formula for gaining Muscle Mass and NOT just fat

    - How to train for maximum strength and mass effect

    - What supplements should you take and why?

    - How to Gain consistent Muscle IF you're skinny, or find yourself 'plateauing'

    - How to get consistently stronger and bigger without turning into a tub of lard

    Do some proper training tomorrow morning - As I'm off on bidness for a coupla days after that - Cheers

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