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Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by zuti car, Dec 17, 2020.

  1. Flying Crane

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    I’m guessing you mean “calling crane” and not whooping crane. The whooping crane is a specific species native to North America and was never found in Asia. There would never have been a reason for Asians to call their system Whooping Crane, they would have had no familiarity with it prior to the modern Information Age.
  2. Paoquan

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    Wow, It's just a differnt name. Of course I meant Calling Crane. What's in a name?????
  3. Flying Crane

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    Well, the name you gave is that of a specific species, not native to Asia. I would never call an American black bear a sun bear, which is somewhat similar but is a distinct species found in Asia and not found in America.

    It’s not a big deal, I’m not giving you a hard time. I’m only pointing out that the reference and name is incorrect. It is an understandable error because the terms have similar meaning outside of being the name of a specific species.

    There is no “whooping crane” style of king fu. There is a “calling crane” style of kung fu.
  4. Paoquan

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    Yes, it is also commonly called Whooping Crane and Crying Crane, as well as Calling Crane.
    Don't worry if you only know little bits of the facts. It's a common and understandable mistake.
  5. Flying Crane

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    Whoa there friend, I wasn’t picking a fight with you. Just pointing out a specific meaning that can cause misunderstanding in this case.

    Calling crane, shouting crane, screaming crane, crying crane, sure those are synonyms that could all be used in this case. Whooping crane is specifically Grus americana a species of crane not found in Asia. Calling a kung fu method Whooping Crane implies the method was inspired by that particular bird, which was impossible. I know it is often called this, but that is an error. I’ve seen it before.

    Just pointing it out. It is not meant to be an attack on you. Really, it isn’t. Merry Christmas to you.
  6. Mushroom

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    If someone called my style "Brown Eyebrows" I probably wont be happy.
  7. Dan Bian

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    If they did, theres one thing I'd recommend 9_d7bb45ad-6d10-4cba-a7a0-4aedcde5cd6d_704x704.jpg
  8. Mushroom

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    Bleach fist!
  9. Geoffrey Allen

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    I am responding to this discussion about about shaking crane & Fujian White Crane Boxing in general (FWCB). I also live in Tainan, Taiwan and have being practicing FWCB for about 20 years with a teacher in Yuan Lin, near Changhua. He unfortunately passed away last year. If you have a FWCB teacher in Taiwan then he won't use the term shaking crane style as all FWC uses all four principles (shaking, eating, flying and calling crane). But my style does emphasises shaking in a big way. I'm not sure about the shaking crane association, because my teacher had no contact with them that I know of. By looking at their video of their mother form: Sanzhanerbu or in English the three battles. It seems rather hard and external there is very little relaxation or maybe the students were only beginners.

    I know Ron and he gets around, but I know he learns some FWC from a teacher in China as well as quite a few other systems of Fujian crane boxing. He learns a lot of styles and systems. I don't know how people have the time to practice so many systems or the time.

    All I know today people make a big thing of lineage and have their own opinions of the correct one. Just look at what has happened to Tai Chi Chuan and Wing Chun they have become so political with lots of in fighting about who is the best. Better is to do your own thing and keep quiet. My teacher learnt and taught FWC for more than 70 years and never made a big noise about his lineage and that's the way it should be.

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