Which Punch Bag?

Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Widnes Kickboxer, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. k1ckboxer

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    wow, u must have one hard cat gaz!

    For me the object of the free standing bag wasn't just to try and knock it over and prove how hard my attack was but to give me something to aim my kicks and punches at, and to improve them instead of just shadow fighting when training alone. I pull or control my techniques when training with this type of bag for obvious reasons.
    Even a heavy hanging punch bag will move around when hit hard enough.. maybe a brick wall will suit u better mate :)
    I certainly did my research before forking out £200 or so, and at the time the xxl came out best and recommended by most.
  2. Gaz_1969

    Gaz_1969 New Member

    Will do John.

    k1ckboxer, I'm not hitting the bag THAT hard. It's just that when the thing starts rocking backward and forwards, the whole thing moves across the floor. Obviously I expected it to rock a little, but not the amount it actually is. As for the brick wall... well the neighbours might complain when I knock a hole into their bedroom :D hehe
  3. k1ckboxer

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  4. Widnes Kickboxer

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  5. Hiroji

    Hiroji laugh often, love much

    Yeh dude thats what i end up doing. Not ideal, but hell its better than kicking the air. ;)
  6. Widnes Kickboxer

    Widnes Kickboxer New Member

    Tried a Wavemaster XXL filled with Water today and it was.......................


    It moves a bit when you give it the bifters, but show me a hanging bag or standing bag that doesn't move when you hit it with a jab - Cross - Turn kick combo.

    If anybody thinks they can knock this bag over with a turning kick - Think again! An exceptional front kit from a big hairy motherf***** like Cesar Cordoba may have a small chance to do it but the normal person will have no chance!

    It think it is a superb piece of kit and I will be buying one on Monday.

    I recommend it.

  7. Widnes Kickboxer

    Widnes Kickboxer New Member

    Gaz -

    How is the bag with sand in it?
  8. shaolinmonkmark

    shaolinmonkmark Valued Member

    Get A BOB XL!!!!

    Get A BOB XL!!!!
    You will thank me later!!!
    It is basically a male human, and, without gloves, you can also practice strikes to the throat, eyes, etc..
    My prime art is Shaolin Kempo, but i still practice my Thai/boxing at least twice a week, and man, the hands just keep destroying those bodily targets, and the kicks are just flowing on their own !!
    Heavy bags, like wave master, are ok for power and strategic height combos and kicks,using the high and low principles, but the Bob is your " Sparring Pro".
  9. Gaz_1969

    Gaz_1969 New Member

    Couldn't be bothered getting the sand so just kept the water. It's actually ok once I realised I can't kick it too hard otherwise it does fall over. When it moves across the floor, it just gives me an excuse to move around it and knock it back into position. Good for practising stance switching :D

    Also I've got to watch the hooks because they tend to make it wobble a bit too, but overall I think it's a good choice and would certainly recommend it.

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