Which martial arts fighting disciplines can help in street fights the most?

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    Find a Jeet Kune Do instructor, who also teaches grappling, whether it is BJJ or Street JuJitsu, Silat or Dumog. You need to be fluid in 4 ranges. Kicking ( low kicks), Trapping, Punching ( Boxing or JKD Boxing) and Grappling ( BJJ, Silat, Dumog, Wrestling). The idea is to stay off the ground and on your feet. Hit with precision and accuracy. JKD takes the best of all worlds and combines into a Street Fighting for the modern man/ and woman.
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    If you happen to find yourself fighting a street, then you've definitely got to stop drinking so much!
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    So this just popped up on Facebook.....

    "How many times have you seen an athlete getting his legs lifted after being choked out? This is known as the Trendelenburg position. In the past, this position was used for patients in hypovolemic shock, with the reasoning that it would help maintain blood flow to the brain. This is no longer recommended, because research shows it to be counterproductive. Having the athlete in a supine position and unconscious may be fatal. As explained, the athlete is not unconscious due to low blood pressure. There is absolutely no need to lift the legs of a choked-out athlete.

    The best way to manage an unconscious athlete is the same approach one should take with any fallen pedestrian. The standard pedestrian CPR approach as presented by the AHA (American Heart Association) should be the guideline when approaching an unconscious athlete. First, call for help from a nearby coach, training partner, or cageside physician. Second, checking for breathing movements – in 100 percent of choked-out athletes, there will be breathing and a pulse.

    So, all one needs to do is to prevent secondary injury and clear the athlete’s airway by removing anything from his mouth, usually the mouth piece. Then turn the athlete’s head and body to one side, thus preventing the athlete from choking on his own tongue or vomitus. This is known as the recovery position. This keeps the airway open and prevents further head injury from possible seizures due to hypoxia. These simple steps can help anyone save a napping athlete.

    Doctor Warren Wang is ONE Championship’s Vice President of Medical Services. He is a member of the American Ringside Physicians, Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine, and Taiwan Medical Association."
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    It's political correctness gone mad!

    I'm guessing old bloke didn't come back out of embarrassment for lying about having his friend's legs blown off next to him? That older generation are terrible. No sense of truth or humour to them.
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    Oops. *honour*, not humour!
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    I think I was talking to him in the lamb and flag last week, the barmaid was just explaining how she uses timotei, when he starts talking about port Stanley Tesco's and looking after the horses!

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    Interesting, I was not expecting the doctor who posted that to outright claim the basic supine position could actually be fatal (like who died exactly from passing out and choking to death while training?). It seems he was also referring to the same reasoning for the UK recovery position. Rock on, knowing is half the battle. I've also read that hypoxia is not the only reason a vascular choke works when properly applied, it seems a little more complicated as far as mechanism. There are nervous and regulatory issues at work as well.

    Overall the medical advice seems to make it clear, unless you don't detect a heartbeat or breathing leave well enough alone and make sure they don't choke on their own spew. I'll remeber this one.
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    I just read this article as well... stop waggling legs. LoL.
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