Where do you come from?

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Where do you come from?

  1. Oceania

  2. Middle east

  3. America

  4. Europe

  5. Aisa

  6. Africa

  1. Fishbone.

    Fishbone. Banned Banned

    And there we go! The europeans have a five point lead.

    I'm from Australia, Tasmania. As you can see.

  2. Athleng Nordic

    Athleng Nordic Sadly passed away. RIP. Supporter

    Let's trade imports. :D
  3. Martial Shini

    Martial Shini New Member

    Amsterdam - The Netherlands
  4. wayne649

    wayne649 allie of the night

    just wondering, dose anyone no of any african martial arts (other than capoiera, which comes from brazil but was created by african slaves)?
  5. wrydolphin

    wrydolphin Pirates... yaarrrr Supporter

    Use the search function wayne. There were several threads on the subject not terribly long ago as I recall.
  6. JSun

    JSun Valued Member

    I'm from Texas, home of the worst president of the USA ever. and ever. and ever.

    Oh, we also have great BBQ :D
  7. wrydolphin

    wrydolphin Pirates... yaarrrr Supporter

    Armpit of Texas, eh? Houstin or El Paso? :p
  8. StuntMonkey

    StuntMonkey New Member

    Basingstoke - the South of England.
  9. Gajah Silat

    Gajah Silat Ayo berantam!

    I'm originally a Fen Monkey aka a yellowbelly:confused:

    From the chicken chasing, stubble jumpin' swamps of fenland Lincolnshire.

    Basically an English version of a redneck :D

    Still, could be worse, could be Norfolk....Bootiful :p
  10. Su lin

    Su lin Gone away

    Blackpool, Lancashire :eek:

    Does it show??? :D
  11. Death by Heel

    Death by Heel New Member

    The worst state in the USA, New Jersey
  12. Alansmurf

    Alansmurf Aspire to Inspire before you Expire Supporter

    yep ...up in lights as ever !!!!!

    Smurf :D :D
  13. Mrs Radcliffe

    Mrs Radcliffe Armstrong Angel

    Used to live in Gateshead now i live in Fulham (near Putney Bridge)
  14. DaeHanL

    DaeHanL FortuneCracker

    originally a Seoul man, now in Cincinnati.
  15. Sparx

    Sparx Valued Member

  16. cheesypeas

    cheesypeas Moved on

    Da iawn, Sparx.... :D
  17. LightFury

    LightFury creator of my own world

    Southern Australia!
  18. Emil

    Emil Valued Member

    Born and raised in Transylvania, but have moved around a hell of a lot of Europe, and finally settled in Wales. I now live in Trawsfynydd.

  19. cheesypeas

    cheesypeas Moved on

    You have excellent taste then!! :D
  20. Gajah Silat

    Gajah Silat Ayo berantam!

    Transylvania to Wales eh?

    A vampire looking for the blood of Welsh virgins :confused:

    You must be getting thirsty by now ;)

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