When a Japanese sword meets flesh

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Dave Humm, May 22, 2006.

  1. AllieB

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    I have looked up iai on several sites in my reaserch but didnt know it was so complex and didnt get the correct definition most of the time its starting to come together now thanks
  2. koyo

    koyo Passed away, but always remembered. RIP.

    Commendable attitude. If you decide to take up iai and approach in this manner I am sure you will find it most rewarding

    regards koyo
  3. Sukerkin

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    An interesting turn this thread has taken from its original starting point - not off-topic wandering but an expansion of the subject.

    It's fascinating to hear the different viewpoints being offered, particularly as, just from the opinion voiced in the text, it is possible to hazard a fair guess at the amount of iaido/other-sword-art experience the poster has.

    After reading through the various offerings, it made me admit to a truth I've been evading for a long while now ... I've been avoiding using my shinken for too many months and, as noted in previous posts it's having a detrimental effect on my noto (and my kissaki handling too (ohh er, missus!). I have the best of reasons for using my iaito instead {i.e. it's much better quality than my Paul Chen :lol:} but I really should make good on my intention to going back to the live blade every now and again.

    Also, our insurance doesn't cover us for using 'sharps'. That seems a bit daft to me actually - we pay for insurance for practicing a sword-art but we're not allowed to use 'real' swords? Ah, the vagaries of the insurers mind :D.

    Any advice on this one chaps? Any idea where we can get adequate cover just in case of the worst happening?
  4. ScottUK

    ScottUK More human than human...

    Join the BKA? :)
  5. Sukerkin

    Sukerkin Valued Member

    Cheeky monkey! ROFL. If we did that, Sensei Plimbley will finally get his wish and shanghai us into doing kendo as well as iai :D. Of course on balance that would only be fair as one of his kendoka practises iai with us ...

    Seriously, we're IMAF UK and I'm not sure it'd be politic to join the BKA as well, especially as sensei is the senior IMAF instructor for Iai (and karate too AFAIK). Or am I being to sensitive about this?
  6. ScottUK

    ScottUK More human than human...

    Politics is politics, but I don't see a problem. I have friends in the Eikoku Roshukai (a breakaway group from the BKA) and some in other orgs. I don't let their org affect my training and I don't push my practice on them. Maybe it is something for you to consider? Kendo could be fun for you too?
  7. Langenschwert

    Langenschwert Molon Labe

    Yeah, that's the puppy. Keep in mind that they're only heavy compared to sticks. Compared to swords they're lighter. That being said, if you're not used to swinging anything, they can feel quite heavy after a while. ;) Also, the use of a "pell" was common as well. It's just a post stuck in the ground to hit. It was used by the Roman Legions, and pretty much everyone who came after.

    Best regards,

  8. nickh

    nickh Valued Member

    Here is a much better illustration of what happens When a japanese Sword Meets Flesh.

  9. Lord Spooky

    Lord Spooky Banned Banned

    You're going to set Scott of again you know!

    He'll be like an enraged Wookiee but with a sword :eek:
  10. ScottUK

    ScottUK More human than human...

    Hehe, Mr Steeves in a ninjer like you Spooky. That's why he doesn't understand swordsmanship... :D
  11. Lord Spooky

    Lord Spooky Banned Banned

    He's Jinenkan. :D

    Anyway what's to understand? Pointy bit goes in the other guy! :D It's getting yer skirt on right that's the hard bit :eek:
  12. ScottUK

    ScottUK More human than human...

    Hehe same thing...
    ...as I duck and run for cover.
  13. Senban

    Senban Banned Banned

    Spooky! Spooky! He's cutting watermelons! ROFL

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  14. Lord Spooky

    Lord Spooky Banned Banned

    Noooooooo not the sacred Melon!

    What will we do for analogies now :cry:
  15. Rock Ape

    Rock Ape Banned Banned

    Holy Mother of God...

    Next he'll be cutting plastic bottles of defenceless MILK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Rhea

    Rhea Laser tag = NOT MA... Supporter

    cucumbers are more funny.
    I'll never forget that demo I saw.
  17. Rock Ape

    Rock Ape Banned Banned

    Thank you to the origonal poster for presenting this article.
  18. Bigshot

    Bigshot And im all outta gum!

    I think this highlights how strong, sharp and deadly they really are.

    Anything that can take 6 or so shots from a Browning 50cal like that is worth serious respect.

  19. Nii

    Nii Valued Member

    ^I think that has more to do with the blade material than how sharp it is.
  20. Cudgel

    Cudgel The name says it all

    its hardened and tempered steel. Of course it will cut a few bullets, as bullets are made of lead, which is soft, and in the case of the .50cal jacketed with copper, another soft metal.
    I dont really see how the ability of a hardened steel tool to cut a soft metal and to stand up to that abuse should garner a fearsome cutting tool anymore respect than it should already have by virtue of its effectiveness against human flesh.

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