What's wrong with High Kicks?

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by pgm316, Feb 27, 2003.

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  1. tai-gip

    tai-gip New Member


    Andy i said i trained 12 hours a day for a while and that if you took that i only did ...4......2....hour classes a week i would have trained for 67 years come on man im not even suggesting anything intangable and you still cant follow
  2. tai-gip

    tai-gip New Member

    oh and it will naturaly go against any training because if its not the way you do it it musnt work but it does
    cant someone just try it and give feedback after
    and yes you probably wont get above your waiste without twisting your standing foot at first but just try in terms of balance
    no it dosnt make it slower but i wont go into that
    and no you dont hurt your joints which you can with full turm kicks if you hyper extend it just means your quite effective at close combat and while grappling or (for Andy ...involved in two arm chi sao) you can kick them in the head without the telltale energy shifting or at least not as much of and it makes it more interesting
  3. tai-gip

    tai-gip New Member

    PS once again power is inherant in speed and benifited by balance so if your balance is good and you snap the kick kinda fast yes it will have power i once again refer you to a five cent coin dropped from the top of a building it goes straight through you and a 2 kilo rock from a foot away might hurt like hell but it wont travel through your body and peirce the concrete speed is power.... you know e=mc2 basicly energy equals mass times the speed at wich it travels ..... hence speed being important hence previous posts that i wont bring up.....
  4. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    Mushroom season is long gone, so what is your excuse?

    Finger hovering over the 'Bin Member' button. :D
  5. tai-gip

    tai-gip New Member

    Andy one of these days you and i might actualy listen to what one another has to say and become actual friends....
    And if the world dosnt end i may have to come over there and kick your but :rolleyes: .......:D ........:p
  6. tai-gip

    tai-gip New Member

    threats do you actualy try to follow what i say or not ........
    or do you just look for errors
    is your ego in check or dont you have anything else to learn
  7. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    I certainly do try to follow what you say.
    Why do you make it so difficult for everyone?
    You repeatedly harp on about your qualifications and experience, yet they don't influence your input to topic in a positive manner that I can see.

    You write absolute nonsense, so yeah, get over here and kick my butt!

    But then you have stated that you don't listen to what I have to say, so guess this is falling on deaf ears.

    Anyone capable of acting as a Translator for tai-qip, please step forward now!
  8. Cain

    Cain New Member

    Goes for you actually tai gip :rolleyes:

    98% of the people in here will agree with me with 2% being trolls ;)

    Sorry for being so blunt :)

  9. johndoch

    johndoch upurs

    Hey tai gip

    I would say that Andy's got a point. You do tend to go off in some sort of tangent that most folks cant understand and no wonder some of what you say goes against any common sense. Alright you can punch faster than light (which is impossible coz the electrical impulses from your brain that make your body move dont travel that fast, check out ohms law). But sorry you're the physics master (e=mc^2) that can describe the theory of relativity by describing dropping a rock.

    I've kept quiet till now but when you feel you 've got to re-educate people cause you think they're wrong is an obvious tell tale sign of your close minded, arrogant, mumbo-jumbo. Everyone's got an opinion just that yours went out of date in the 60's
  10. tai-gip

    tai-gip New Member

    well forgive me but i thought we where talking about kicking how did we get of topic? hmmm ahh thats right
    Incidentally, there are 168 hours in a week, you say you trained for 16 of them. What kind of Arithmetic gets you to 67 years of training?
    that piking andy not listening and what do you mean not posative im damn well telling you how to try it the only way to be more posative or proactive would be to fly over and show you

    im not trying to re-educate just trying to express the same point in as many ways as possible ... i suppose that could be considered re-educating but i got over the speed thing and gave up and was talking about kicking....someone asked about power ....i was describing how power is dependant on speed not on how much you twist your body ...thats what i mean does how i just put it make sense

    thats where e=mc2 came in everyone was bagging my opinions using physics so im just backing up what im saying now

    and hello everyone i love you all
    ps how do my opinions seem like they went out of date in the 60's

    and to the curious the only drugs ive ever taken was marijuana and i didnt inhale ...that was about 8 years ago hmm hang on it was the day i met my better half so thats 7 years 9 months 25 days and as of now 8 hours 51 minutes.... so clearly my long term memory isnt effected but what where we saying

    ps im pretty relaxed but i keep getting negative responses to every post and yes im willing to except that i could be me but as a person i would benefit from someone actualy asking what i meant by such and such rather than just picking that crap out of what im saying ...im a human being to for christ sake pop...
    anyone know the movie thats from

    hmmm anyone ever filled a page by themselves before???

    oh and i only talk about what ive done because i have this warped opinion it would make someone actualy properly read one of my posts and try what i was talking about because i thought that was what this site was for an eschange of ideas
    i promise no more suggestions people consider to far out eg faster than shadow...using internal energy...precognition...
    just the phydical stuff
    Thanks to andy for the edit
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2003
  11. Cain

    Cain New Member

    Eh? You going for a marathon post count or what? Use the edit button mate ;)

    oops - another off topic post by me :Angel:

  12. Mark Davies

    Mark Davies Valued Member

    Well I just tried kicking my wavemaster waist level without pivoting my back foot &

    A/ My hip hurts from compressing my hip flexor & the joint itself

    B/ I got no power or speed at all.

    Once again, think about the structure of your hip joint & pelvic girdle, the reason we teach our students to pivot & open the hip in TKD is because it's been RESEARCHED & PROVEN to maximise power & save bruising the joint. The whole body has to work as one unit to maximise speed & power, as soon as you isolate one limb you lose speed & power because the muscles of that limb are now working in isolation.
    It doesn't matter how much 'experience' you have, "You cannae change the laws of physics Jim". Everyones body is roughly built the same way, & good technique is universal, it doesn't matter what Art you practise.
  13. johndoch

    johndoch upurs

    LOL some peoples advise should carry government health warnings.;)
  14. Mark Davies

    Mark Davies Valued Member

    Owwwwwww............ I intend to sue........ Hello, is that the 'national sue-anyone-you-want helpline', I want to sue someone for bad training advice & injuries in later life:D
  15. Sporran

    Sporran Silverback.

    Not to mention the fact that E=mc2 has nothing to do with Newtonian mechanics, but is an expression of mass / energy equivalence.

    **coughs in a slightly geeky way**
  16. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    Very true, something that every martial artist should be taught, maybe without the dodgy star trek impression though! :D
  17. tai-gip

    tai-gip New Member

    bigrich im just using to get people past this "power" ideal because as per e=mc2 power is a product of speed...
    And Mark i guess it dosnt work for everyone but if in your first class you threw a kick above head height your way you would probably tear something and i would kinda hurt you have to start from the beginning again as in empty the glass though of course its up to you but you cant learn new things properly by starting in the middle and expecting the same results you get from practiced moves...
  18. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    tai-gip I despair.

    You're replying to people who have pressure tested what is already a great deal of experience.

    You hae repeatedly stated that your own experience is in Wing Chun!

    Wing Chun people in general have no appreciation of broader kicking skills or what's involved in them.
    Nor do they engage in flexibility training in general.
    Qualify your comments please!
    Empty your own cup before you ask this of others!
  19. tai-gip

    tai-gip New Member

    Andy please was i talking to you and i said wing chun is one of the disciplines ive studied
    Mark actualy tried it im just telling him not to expect miracles the first time he tries something
    Why must you involve yourself in every discusion i am having with others
  20. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    I don't involve myself in 'every' discussion you are having with others, but my duties as Moderator involve keeping discussion productive.

    You've asked that someone actually tried your method, and Mark (despite his better judgement) has done so.

    He say's it's 'crud', so what say you?
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