What to do when I go off to college?

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by GoldShifter, Jan 5, 2014.

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    Hey guys, so I've been on and off coming around here. I used to be really active but I've been just so busy that I sometimes can't even sneak a peek here. I'm sorry for that.

    A question that has been bugging me for a really long time is what martial art should I do in college? And where? There are bound to be clubs in college and it might be a good way to bond with some of the other students in college. I really want to do Kyokushin Karate, but it is tough to decide between that or Muay Thai. I would prefer that any recommendations be some sort of full contact striking style. I'm a smaller person (a measly 5'5, I don't know the metric conversion, sorry) but I enjoy full contact. A weapon style, preferrably escrima, would be appreciated to if there are no empty handed striking styles you can think of.

    The reason I would want to do something with traditional Karate would be because I never really experienced that sort of training. It would be something new and uncomfortable but it would it would be humbling.

    Muay Thai. It is Muay Thai. I've attempted to incorporate the roundhouse into my repertoire for sparring and it has helped but I never had formal training in it.

    Before I forget, I have to say where I am planning on going to college, (or where I sent my applications to and praying to God I am accepted). A good amount of my schools that I applied to are in Southern California. UCLA, UC Irvine, that kind of stuff. Though I did apply to University of the Pacific in Stockton, California and also the UC Davis, which are in the Northern California area. I only include this section b/c it would be really awkward if you guys recommended a school in Maryland or in Britain when I haven't even thought of going to college, or staying there for an extended amount of time where I would have enough time to enroll and study martial arts there.

    Thanks for any suggestions and I really hope that I can come back and be active on these forums in the near future. (Calculus is a killer)
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    Shouldn't have much trouble finding eskrima enthusiasts near Stockton (aka "Sticktown"). I would guess any college out that way would have multiple martial arts clubs. And, on top of that, interested people who haven't yet formed a club. When I went to college, we put out flyers to see who was interested, then formed our own club.

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