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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by madknight, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. madknight

    madknight Valued Member

    In a couple weeks I'll be finishing up my final month at my Kickboxing gym for a while. I finish up on December 8th and wont be back until sometime in early January as I have exams starting just after the 8th and then I'm going home with my family for Christmas (different town with no kickboxing/boxing gym).

    So while I'm gone what can I do while I'm at home. The biggest thing I'm going to work on is flexibility. I'm hoping to be able to come back and surprise everyone when I kick someone in the head :p For this I've heard that some things(like dvds) by a guy named Kurtz is really good. Can someone tell me a bit more about this or link me to his product (Superfoot would be great for this question since he's the one I read about Kurtz from lol).

    I'd also like to work on kicking but I don't have anything at home to actually kick. Any solution to this? I have some ideas of what I can do but I'd like some of yours too.

    Those are the things I want to focus on mainly. But along with them I'm going to work on my punching, conditioning, and footwork. Any suggestions on these would be excellent. The only thing for punching and footwork that I can think of is shadow boxing.

    Conditioning is simple and I don't really need much suggestion on it. I'm going to be working out (at home workout, not at a gym) and working on my cardio.
  2. Banpen Fugyo

    Banpen Fugyo 10000 Changes No Surprise

    If you have the time, its not too hard to make your own equipment..

    Shadow boxing and stretching sound like a good idea, and Im sure if you look on google for "dynamic stretching" you can find a huge host of ideas on how to improve your flexibility.

    Also, jumping rope and shadow boxing sound like a good idea as well.

    As for improving your kicks and such (without making your own equipment) see if you can find any friends that have a bag at their house, or at the very least, find a sparring partner ;)
  3. madknight

    madknight Valued Member

    Hmm I don't see myself making any equipment.

    There's no one I know that has a bag or would spar so I don't think that idea will work.
  4. madknight

    madknight Valued Member

    Anyone else want to help by making some suggestions?
  5. k1ckboxer

    k1ckboxer Valued Member

    do you have any annoying friends, coz they make a great target for practicing your kicks lol

    but more seriously..

    a washing line pole, tree or something like that can be used as a fight target.
    you don’t need to use power just technique, pull your kicks/punches so not to damage whatever your hitting. you can add the power when your back hitting the pads again.
    now might be a good time to invest in a free standing bag, checkout ebay or something like that if you have spare cash.
    if you do leg stretching, shadow boxing, weight lifting and regular road running your find you’re be more than fine when you return to training in the New Year. all this can be done at home if you think about it and make the effort.
  6. madknight

    madknight Valued Member

    Thanks for the suggestions. I was thinking about using a poll or tree or something but I wasn't sure if it would be helpful.

    Buying a bag wouldn't work out. For one I don't have the cash for it and then I have no way to transport it back with me.

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